Time To Decorate Your Valentine’s Dream Kitchen – But How?

  “ The Kitchen Is The Heart Of One’s Home”

While the living room of your house might be a place for every social gathering, the kitchen room is the place to get ready for the occasion. Many of us tend to spend a lot of time within the kitchen itself. Everyone of us have some childhood tale to tell, which was took shape inside the kitchen of your house – The time when your mother cooked you a delicious dish after you arrived home exhausted for the day, the time when you first tried your hand at cooking a dish and surprised your family with a finger licking dish, or the day when you joined your partner in the kitchen to produce a meal together. I am sure all these memories still linger around your mind as you reminiscence about those good old days. Some of you might have partners who love cooking and find the kitchen as the best place to spend the rest of the day. You must be glad to return home after your day’s work and sit down at the table with warm meal in front of you. Have you thanked him/her for that? If not, why not?


Well, Valentine’s Day is here and you can thank him/her in a very special way. How? Turn his/her working place into a dramatic ambiance. Something, where he/she could enjoy working through  the day. On a lighter note, a happy mind could bring out more productivity and enthusiasm too. What could be more beautiful than trying to show your love how much you indeed care for him/her?

Here are 3 amazing ways you can decorate your darling’s kitchen to set the mood on, this Valentine’s Day:

  • Add A Dash Of Romance To Your Kitchen Color

Change the color of your kitchen. Your kitchen color need not only sport a pale white color. It looks rather dull. How about painting the walls blue? Blue can be a ‘cheery alternative’. Or, if your better half prefers the color white, then paint it as she wishes it to, but set the mood right by getting the cabinets red. It could turn out to be an interesting color combination. You could paint your cabinets red, but why not gift her something new? You can buy kitchen customized steel cabinets that come in elegant red shades.  White and red can make your kitchen look elegant indeed!

  • Increase His/Her Working Space

You can save every inch of the working space in the kitchen if you think wisely.  How about getting cabinets with elegant finish that can step up to the challenge of holding the linens, plates, recipe books and other items. Yeah! That could make the kitchen look stylish and spacious. Also, you could get installed, cabinets that come with built in appliances. You could purchase cabinets coming in fine metal finish and built ins, designed to give kitchens the ultra look. Coordinate it with the right wall paper or color and give your partner a romantic surprise.

  • Bring Your Partner A New Stove

Sometimes, the stove can transform the entire look of the kitchen. Well, how about pepping the environment up and adding some fun to it? Have you ever thought of trying out something vintage? Why not bring home the 1950s O’Keefe and Merritt stove? This stove is one of those that were used by  more than a million mothers during post war America. Your partner could still have some kind of emotional attachment to it. Ask.

Besides, setting up a modular & modern metal kitchen cabinet with one such stove can indeed create a dramatic effect. It could take the spotlight of your kitchen. Vintage look still rocks! And your partner would love to cook on that. Team it up with metal cabinets, wooden shelves and composite tops to give it a homely and high functioning look.

So there now, you have got three amazing tips to get on started. Hurry up Now! Or you’ll miss Valentine’s Day.

Eva Green, is a Interior Designer from California, she is one of the fans of Moya Living and would like to recommend them for kitchen remodeling.


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