Tips before you sell your home for cash

 Are you up to sell your home? This is indeed the most crucial financial planning decision you need to take which will have a lasting impact on your finances. Of course, you would want the best deal. Here, we explore some great tips by housing experts to sell your home for cash reaping the maximum benefits: These strategies are quite helpful to sell your homes regardless of the current economic situation which, of course, is out your control:

  1. Thoroughly research the local market for housing

If you have been living in the house you wish to sell for even a couple of years, you are likely to have a fair idea of the housing estate process in your locality. Even though you are aware of the economics of the real estate prices in your locality, it is highly recommended to do thorough deep research on the housing market in your area before you get ready to sell your home for cash to any buyer. The best way to find housing statistics is through real agents. The housing rates depend on various factors and deep analysis of these factors can give you the correct market price for your home. These factors include the size of the house, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking space, etc. Visiting other houses which are on sale in your neighborhood and real estate webpages can be of great help to sell your home for cash at the best price.

  1. Set up or quote a reasonable selling price for your home

Pricing of your home is extremely crucial for anchoring the home on the selling list to sell your home for cash. It is strictly recommended by housing experts which never quote a price for your home based on emotions. Often, people have strong emotions attached to the houses and quote them way above the reasonable market price, making it very difficult to sell.

You need to stick within the reasonable and desirable price limits as per the market pricing structure. If you are in a ‘hot market’, which means that there is a high demand for real estate, you can go a few thousand dollars beyond the market price to sell your home. But if the market is ‘cold’, which means there is a highly selective category of buyers looking for reasonable homes, you may be required to even quote slightly below the market price to sell your home fast for cash.

  1. Hire a real estate agent carefully

Before you hire a real seat agent and utilize his services to sell your home, it is very essential to do your homework. It is very important to interview two to three realtors before you decide who you want to pair up to sell your home at the best possible price.

Along with a real estate agent, you need to make a team of other professionals sells your home. these include an attorney for legal work, an inspector to ensure the legal procedures are followed, a painter to make-up the house in a way worthy to be sold at a good price, and a photographer to click amazing attractive angles of photographs to advertise your home for sale.

If you choose the DIY route to sell your home, it is very essential to thoroughly study and understand the real estate rules and laws.

  1. Improve the appearance of your house add value to it   

If you are looking to sell your home fast for cash, your house needs to make a significant impact on potential buyers. Do you think a shabby looking home can ever attract a buyer? The answer is ‘never’! Clean up your home, give it a few touch-ups like paint or whitewash to make a significant impact. Though major renovations may not be necessary, minor repairs or a fresh coat of paint is truly essential to create a good impression on the buyers.

The great use of space in the house and well-set and laid out furniture is an integral part of setting up an attractive home and adding value to it. Avoid anything in your home which can detract the first positive impression on the buyers.

  1. Use the social media buzz for advertising

Do you think advertising on social media is only for brands?  It is a great tool for sellers to sell their homes too. In fact, many homeowners have successfully been able to sell their homes for a decent amount of money after post advertisements on social media. Many real estate realtors use various social media channels like YouTube, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook to advertise the homes and sell them at a good price.

  1. Calculate approximate profit after selling your homes

Well, your selling price is not your sole profit when you sell your home for cash. It is very important to evaluate the potential gains and the losses before you decide to sell your home. The selling price is significantly reduced with the real estate fees, the governmental legal proceedings charges, and the house repair costs. It is very essential to understand the real cost of selling a home. All costs like maintenance, repairs, commissions of the real estate, and legal proceeding charges can combine together and can mount up to 10% of the selling cost.

  1. Negotiate the best deal for your home and not the highest bid

It is human nature to grab the highest offer which you receive when you are up to sell your house. However, it is very essential to review the terms and conditions before you decide to sell your home. Most offers do not include the contingencies which refer to the set of terms mentioned in your contract. A few of these contingencies include:

  • Financing contingency

This allows a buyer to cancel the offer if they aren’t able to qualify for the mortgage. In this contingency, the seller is risks wasting time by relisting the home to sell again, in case the offer is canceled

  • Contingency on inspection

This contingency allows the buyer to negotiate for the repairs of the homer or an extension of the closing dates. It may also involve reviewing the offer for a home inspection of any major issues arise which were not disclosed at the time of use.



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