Tips for Choosing the Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Do you admire the now-popular farmhouse kitchen style but don’t know how to achieve it? If yes, then you are not alone. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), while many homeowners are searching for farmhouse kitchens, the majority don’t know the best design elements for these kitchens. 

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In this article, you will learn how to achieve the widely searched farmhouse style with farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Discover everything about farmhouse styles; what defines them, and how to make them stand out. 

What are Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

A rustic kitchen with a country-style look and feel
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A mixture of rustic and natural elements, blending keenly to create a warm and comfortable country setting, is the ideal outlook of farmhouse kitchens. These sculleries date back to ancient America, to the homes of farmers, where nature and simplicity blended. While vintage in nature, farmhouse cabinets are currently prominent in trending kitchen ideas. 

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets can be defined by the following features. 

  1. Simplicity

As I have mentioned, simplicity is highly regarded in farmhouse kitchen designs. Hence, farmhouse cabinets are generally simple in terms of design. Besides minimal ornamentation, these cabinets mostly come in the raw appearance of hardwoods. Hence, they are very simple to work with, whether in terms of cleaning, maintenance, or pairing with different items

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  1. Natural Attractiveness

Typically, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are made of bare wood. These include maple, oak, teak, birch, chestnut, cherry, and hickory. Considering the natural soothing effect that comes from raw grains of wood, all farmhouse cabinets can be described as naturally attractive. Because of their naturalness, farmhouse cabinets are not only durable but also recyclable, all of which are an attraction to many homeowners. 

  1. Open Shelving and Glass Cabinet Doors

Cabinets with open shelving options are typical in farmhouse kitchens. The open shelves allow the showcasing of antique kitchenware, for example, wooden utensils. While modern farmhouse cabinets come with open shelving options just like their classic versions, they feature ultra-modern hardware, including glass cabinet doors and gorgeous speciality casings. 

Minimalistic and uncomplicated design
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Open-shelved cabinets have gained prominence over the last decade based on the functionality they come with. Apart from freeing up an interior, these cabinets are known to enhance the storage capacity of kitchens, thanks to the extra storage spaces they are adorned with. 

How Can I Find Ideal Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

As trending designs, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are not hard to find. You can search for them on e-commerce platforms dealing with furniture or any interior design showroom near you. Nonetheless, you will only get the best offers if you consider the following; 

  1. Quality

Considering the high cost of cabinets, quality is a factor worth considering anytime you intend to buy farmhouse cabinets. The cabinet material can tell you whether or not the cabinetries you intend to buy are high-quality. While most farmhouse kitchen cabinets come in hardwood material, you need to know that some hardwoods are stronger than others.  

For example, oak is much stronger than maple, teak, and hickory. Hence, you should be keen about the cabinet material quality if you don’t want to spend your money on something sub-standard or ranks low in quality. 

  1. What’s your Kitchen Design?

If you want to buy farmhouse cabinets that will fit well in your kitchen, you should consider the design nature of your scullery before making your purchase. Whether your kitchen is traditional, classic, modern, or contemporary, its design is what determines the sizes, types or designs of cabinets you can go for. 

You are more likely to find yourself buying oversized cabinets or those whose color or design features are incompatible with the color aspects of your scullery if you take the interior design aspects for granted. 

  1. Buying Price and Cost Installation

If you are working on a tight budget but want to get the best farmhouse kitchen cabinets, then consider the cost of purchase and installation before initiating a purchase. Because cabinets are sold at different prices, you may find yourself spending all your money on them just because you did not compare prices to find the ones you can afford. Knowing the cost of purchase can help you not only plan your kitchen remodel project but also get value for your money. 

Made from natural materials with a raw and organic appearance
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How to Enhance the Outlook of Farmhouse Cabinets

  • Work on Color Temperature

For farmhouse cabinets to stand out in any kitchen design, their shades must be in a complementary relationship with the shades on walls, floors, and ceilings. Because of the neutral-like appeal of farmhouse-styled cupboards, they often look eye-catchy when installed in interiors with warm colors, in terms of walls, floors, and ceiling. 

  • Paint the Cabinets 

If you think farmhouse cabinets cannot be painted then try out painting them while leveraging a rustic edge. The appearance that will come out will visually captivate you. Regarding painting, you can choose to paint them partially if you like two-toned furniture or wholly if you prefer drawers with solid colors. 

What Can I Use in Place of Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets? 

  1. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The unpretentious simple and natural outlook of shaker cabinets makes them ideal for a farmhouse kitchen. Just like farmhouse kitchen cabinets, shaker drawers are marked by simplicity, from shapes to color, and ornamentation. 

They also date many years back, a fact that makes them perfect for reinforcing the nostalgic ambience that comes from farmhouse cabinets. Shaker cabinets are versatile. Whether you prefer cabinets with classic, modern, or contemporary designs, you can easily find your taste if you choose shaker-styled cabinetries. 

  1. Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
A type of durable wood typically used in furniture making
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That natural is emphasized in farmhouse kitchens means that all kinds of natural wood cabinet designs can work in a farmhouse setting. Currently, there are many natural wood cabinet options around, from maple to oak, hickory, and teak kitchen cabinets. 

Wood-based cabinets have a great reputation in terms of their extended lifespan. If you want them to appear and work exactly like farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you may have to make them open-shelved and leave them in their pristine state by not painting them. 

Final Thoughts

If you want your kitchen to express a rustic, luxurious, and charming vibe in terms of its visual statement, then you should consider installing in it, farmhouse cabinets. Besides being one of the top trends in interior design this 2023, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are ideal based on their functionality and compatibility with different designs. 


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