Tips for choosing the ideal baby change table

Most of the parents may disagree; the baby change table isn’t a must-have. Undeniably, you can change the clothes or diaper of your baby wherever he or she is comfortable. But nowadays, parents want to offer everything trendy and unique to their kids.

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If you want to buy a baby change table for your kid, you have to think beyond the basics. The reason for this is it is the thing where the kid will be spending most of his time. Here in this article, we will discuss the tips by which you can choose the best baby change table.

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  1. Take care of the safety strap.

Ensure that the baby change table you are considering must have a good pad with a safety strap. This is because the baby is small, and safety is must-have for him/her. Overall, safety is the priority for a kid, so ensure this essential parameter before buying.

  1. Consider four barriers on the sides.

The baby change table is an exceptional piece of equipment for the kid, surrounded by four barriers. If we talk about the safety standards, according to JPMA/ASTM, baby change tables must have four rails. On the other hand, if they have two or three barriers, then don’t purchase.

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However, apart from the barriers, you have to keep hands by the kid’s side for extra safety.

  1. Size of the baby change table

This is another tip for the parents while they are buying a table. While changing the baby’s diaper or clothes, ensure that everything must be on the top of the table. If you have to bend down for the necessary gear, it means anything can happen as you are taking eyes away from the baby.

  1. Check the height of the table.

There are varied types of changing tables that have different heights. Some of them are 36 inches, and the others are 43 inches. Overall, ensure that while buying a baby change table, purchase in proportion to your height to avoid back pain.

  1. Always consider storage

Well, various changing tables have open shelves or drawers to keep the baby things in one place. This is because you can easily take the things of the baby out while changing. Moreover, drawers are an advantage apart from shelves as you can hide things like diapers from the toddlers. 

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  1. Highly stable

While opting for a baby changing table, don’t forget to think about stability. This means it must be sturdy with a heavy bottom. Moreover, if the table wobbles, then don’t buy it as it is not safe.

If you research properly before buying a baby change table, then you will get the best out of the rest for your baby. But ensure that while buying a changing table, take at least two or three washable changing pad covers, and they must be waterproof.  


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