Tips For Choosing The Right Curtains For Your Room

One of the best ways to add glamor and personality to a room is by framing windows with long drapes.

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Thanks to many unique designs and a wide array of options available, it can be quite challenging to pick the right style for your room. Take a look at for inspiration.

Here are some tips for choosing the best curtains. 

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1. The Role of the Curtains

Why do you want a new set of curtains? Perhaps you are looking to boost privacy, add a layer of insulation, a splash of color, or even create darkness. In some situations, you might be looking for a solution that provides everything mentioned above. Lined panels, for example, will enable you to control the temperature in your room and also the amount of light that goes through. A standard cotton lining, on the other hand, protects the fabric while still allowing for a diffused glow. You can keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter with the help of an insulating backing.  As for bedrooms, where you don’t want any light to filter through, you can go for a blackout lining

2. Color & Patterns 

Curtains nowadays take up significant space and will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your interior. To pick the right color, ensure you ask for a swatch of the fabrics you are looking at. Then take them to your space and hold them against the walls, sofas, and pillows. You can even tape them to the wall and live them for a while to help you make a sound decision. 

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3. The Size of the Curtains

Curtains need to be at least double the window’s width, even if you intend to draw them most of the time. Also, it’s important that they’re long enough. For an elegant, rich appearance, they can puddle on your floor. As for a cleaner and more streamlined look, allow them to skim the floor. If you want to get your panels from the store, rather than having them custom-made, then consider getting them as long as possible and have them hemmed later. 

4. Curtain Fabric Options

Velvet can offer luxury and privacy but can be quite heavy for some spaces. On the other hand, cotton is easy to clean and versatile. Wool can be heavy, but it is strong enough to hold embellishments such as fringe and tassels. Sheers are graceful and light, but they do not provide much in terms of privacy. 

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

5. Hardware

Curtain rods need to match the fabric. So, if you have velvets or similar heavy drapes, consider large and decorative rods. If you have light fabrics, consider going for thinner, lightweight bars. Also, keep in mind that the hardware needs to complement the rest of the room. It is helpful to repeat a tie or material in the theme. For example, if you have Lucite chairs or lamps, then consider getting a Lucite drapery pole. 

6. The Finials

It might not sound like a big deal, but the decorative screws at the end of your curtain poles, known as finials, can offer the best finishing touch to the entire dressing. In most cases, you can buy upgraded finials if you would like to alter the style without replacing the entire hardware. Keep in mind that an excellent room is defined by the details and including finials will certainly complete your look.


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