Tips for Enhancing Curbside Appeal for Your Rental Property

Property managers need to accommodate the aesthetic appeal of their tenants (and potential tenants).  But to get those potential renters in the door, your properties must have curbside appeal.  Improving the interior of the property is a separate conversation, but below, we’ve gathered tips on how to help entice the people who visit your property among many others on the market.Rental-Property-2015

Plan Landscaping

First impressions matter and make a difference to those who have a variety of choices.  Invest in unique landscaping to enhance the entire estate. Consider multi-colored exterior lighting, large stones to line the driveway, walkways and around the mailbox.

If you don’t live in unquenched California, perhaps the ability to create a lush, grass lawn via seeding and regular watering is an option. Even if you do live in a parched landscape like California, you can get your yard painted with safe, water-based paint.For Rent

Build a Carport

Smaller rental properties do not feature a drive-in garage, but your renters want to protect their vehicles from debris, snow, rain, etc.  Build a carport for one or multiple cars to fit under and improve the value and appeal of the property.  Moreover, carports serve multiple functions, such as becoming a place to congregate outside for a cookout or area for kids to play that is adjacent to the property as well as safe from the roads. Be certain to check with your local laws and the HOA to ensure you can build a carport with no legal issues.

Install New Siding

Give your rental property a facelift by applying engineered wood siding like LP’s SmartSide.  The appearance of natural wood is in high demand yet engineered siding is more durable, sustainable, and affordable. SmartSide adheres to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard and can even be used in some historic homes for preservation integrity purposes. Resistant to dents and damage done by severe weather or the occasional stray baseball, engineered wood siding is ideal for rental investments. Pre-finishers and contractors like it a lot more than fiber cement because it is not as easily damaged as vinyl or even fiber cement siding. Engineered wood siding complements homes featuring stucco, stone, or brick for a look of modern architecture.

Powerwash the Roof

Powerwashed roofs are the epitome of the “looks like new” sentiment.  Over time, dirt, debris, and weather takes a beating on the property’s roof, creating discolored shingles and a dilapidated look.  You can’t get a second chance at making a first impression on onlookers.  You want potential renters to feel proud rather than loosely accept living in a place with a worn look.  Plus, a number of home supply stores will rent the necessary equipment if you have the time to do it yourself versus hiring professionals to do the job.

Install Molding and Trim

A sparse amount of molding strategically placed throughout the front side of the house goes a long way in impressing buyers.  Place ornate molding around the front door, garage, front windows, and elsewhere that time and investment allows.  Plastic molding is impervious to rain and bugs and can adopt a number of shapes to complement the architecture of the property.

Replace the Gutters

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, yet years of neglect call for new ones.  Leaks in corners, overflow from rain, or rust found throughout are signs of well-aged gutters that are better replaced rather than cleaned.  Moreover, rather than screens or covers, gutter guards dramatically improve the function and prolong the need for cleaning and eventual replacement.



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