Tips for Preparing Your Home and Yourself for Major Renovations

Major renovations often pose a great inconvenience for a homeowner and the whole family. Even though these projects aren’t something that’s done too often, they may end up costing quite a lot both in terms of money and in terms of comfort if you’re underprepared. Therefore, the key is to plan your renovation project out before making any purchase and before making any deals with a contractor. In the long run, this will also make the renovations less costly and the labor you hire more qualified.

Proper licenses

Local rules and regulations apply when it comes to home renovations. This means that in some places you won’t need to notify anyone about the work you plan to do, while in others you need to get the proper license. Start by finding out what the rules are for your area. If you end up needing to apply for a license, you’ll need to factor this into your expenses and plans. The biggest challenge will probably be the lost time, since governmental institutions tend to work slowly and you can’t do anything but wait until you get the paperwork in order.

Budget and timeline

It’s important to set up a clearly defined budget and a timeline for the project before you get started. This will save you lots of pain down the line and it will make things easier for both the contractors and suppliers. The budget shouldn’t be too fixed and it’s safer if you leave out ten or twenty percent in case something happens. The timeline should have some flexibility to it as well because you can never know what will happen to all the moving parts involved, but it’s best to have a set end date from the start.

The cleanup

One of the most important parts of the renovation job is often overlooked and it can cause a major inconvenience. Once the work is done, there’s still a matter of cleaning the property up and making it useable again. If this isn’t included in your plans, you might end up paying much more than you wanted to and not being able to use your property for days or even weeks. It’s best to find Budget truck hire service as soon as the project starts; that way, you can clean up as you go and have a designated place for all the waste.

Notify the neighbors 

Construction work tends to be loud and messy. It’s an inconvenience for the whole neighborhood and it’s best if you do what you can to make it more manageable. Start by letting your neighbors know that you plan to do the work. Let them know what your schedule is and what kind of noise and mess they can expect. At the same time, if there are rules and regulations regarding loud noises and disturbances, you need to familiarize yourself with them and stay up to the code. This mostly concerns the time of day during which you’re allowed to work.


Furniture and other small items might get damaged during a large construction project. Start by asking the contractors what to expect in this regard so you don’t move the furniture that doesn’t need to be moved. In most cases, it will be enough to cover it with something and the contractors will usually be the ones to take care of it. In rare cases however, you’ll need to rent out a storage space and keep your furniture there during the construction project. It’s important to factor in the cost and the management involved in moving the furniture back and forward.

The purge

In the end, these renovations are the best excuse to purge your home from everything that you might not need any more. Every home has a pile of things that are just wasting space and that accumulated over the years. Be strict when it comes to these and take the opportunity to sell or throw away everything that you haven’t used in over a year. This may end up helping you cover some of the costs of the renovation.

A home renovation is often a tiresome task and you’ll do well to prepare for it in advance. This goes for preparing the needed funds and the proper management arrangements.


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