Tips For Remodeling A Small Bathroom

Do you have an incredibly small bathroom? It can be a challenge to make your space look good. If you’re remodelling, trying to fit all the essentials into the space you have available can be like doing a puzzle! How can you configure your sink and toilet? Do you have enough room for a tub? Where on earth are you going to store your towels and toiletries? If you’re looking for some expert guidance about how to manage your tiny bathroom space, here are some top tips.

Choose A Corner Sink

When your bathroom is on the compact side, finding a sink to fit can be tricky. However, a corner model could solve your problems. Even the smallest pedestal sink may be too big for your bijou space, but if you place a corner unit in your room, you’ll find that you can shoehorn it in.

Choose A Curtain Over A Door

If you have a over-bath shower, you should definitely consider choosing a shower curtain rather than a glass door which needs to swing in and out. You can actually fit a shower/tub combo into many small bathrooms. There are small bathtubs which measure just 60” in length.

Float Your Vanity

Having a vanity unit in your bathroom becomes a possibility if you consider mounting it above floor level. This will free up some floor space and create a design statement at the same time. If you choose the right unit, you may be able to add some storage shelves under your vanity unit which will be perfect for putting away those cosmetics and towels.  While you’re choosing a vanity unit, consider opting for a round unit rather than a traditional square or rectangular one. In a tight space, the sharp corners of a usual unit could be a hazard.

Extend Your Counter

If you’re lacking storage in your small bathroom, one way to give yourself a little extra room is to extend a counter top over your toilet. You can use a wood or stone slab and this will give you room to store essentials like shampoo, soap and condition. It won’t affect the placement of your toilet and you’ll achieve a clean and minimalist look.

Choose A Big-Scale Pattern

When choosing curtains or a shower curtain, opt for a larger scale pattern. Wide stripes, for example, are ideal for tricking your eye into seeing the space as bigger than it really is. Although the space may be compact, it will feel larger.

Choose The Right Toilet

When you’re selecting a toilet for your small bathroom, you’ll need to make sure that you choose a space saver unit. A wall mounted toilet is often the best solution. Not only is it easier to clean, it’ll give you a little more floor space which is much needed in a compact room.

Choose A Large Mirror

Wherever possible in a small bathroom choose the largest possible mirror for your space. If you have a mirror that stretches across an entire wall it doesn’t just give you enough room for two people to simultaneously use it, but it also helps to reflect light and make the space appear to be twice as large.

Mount Your Towel Bar On The Door

If space is tight, you should try to mount the towel bar onto your shower door. This will keep your towels within easy reach while showering and provide useful extra towel storage without taking up any valuable floor space. Alternatively, choose a heated towel rail which will serve dual function as towel storage and heating at the same time.

Consider A Trough-Style Sink

Trough sinks are clean and narrow in style which creates an attractive space saving solution. With their low profile they can save floor space when they are mounted on the wall. Wall mounted faucets are also an excellent space saving solution when you have a narrow vanity or sink. These faucets work well in all styles of bathroom from modern to traditional.

Follow these expert small bathroom design tips and you’ll be able to get maximum use from your compact space. Your bathroom can still be a comfortable and welcoming room despite its diminutive size!



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