Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you find that you have a little extra money and want to make enhancements to your home, remodeling your kitchen is a good place to start as it offers many benefits. When it comes to increasing the value of your home, updated kitchens play a largely positive role.

In addition, your kitchen is really a central place in your home where your family gathers to have meals, do homework, and play games.

If you know you want to remodel your kitchen but are not sure what you want to do, an interior designer can help you by providing suggestions and options.

What do you need?

What is important to you? Are you looking for more space? Or are you more interested in updating and changing the layout? Whatever you decide, it should fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Go online, look at magazines, and visit showrooms to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t like.

Your Budget

A kitchen remodel can be very expensive or can be done more economically if your budget is limited. Make sure you are working within your budgetary limitations before making any purchases or decisions.

You can visit stores and showrooms to get an idea of the costs of different items. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of materials and labor. You should also pad your budget to make sure you have enough money for unexpected expenses.

Have a Good Plan

Remodeling your kitchen can be a huge endeavor if you are looking to go beyond just painting or changing your cabinets.

Before you start, you want to make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve so that you don’t waste time or money.

Think about the layout of your kitchen that will work best from a functional and practical perspective. Do you usually have more than one person working in the kitchen at the same time?

Some families cook meals together as part of their routine. If your family falls into this category, you might want to consider adding an island, an extra workstation, or even a separate cart that can be used for meal preparation.

Hire Wisely

Unless you or someone in your family is a professional remodeler, you will need to hire contractors to do the work for you. Even if you are lucky enough to know someone who can do the majority of your remodel for you, at some point you will probably have to hire an electrician and a plumber to finish your job.

You should ask for referrals from friends, family, and business associates whose opinions you trust and value.

Layout and Space

Not only do you have to know how you want your kitchen to look when the job is done, you also want to make sure the layout is safe.

You can work with a designer or contractor using sketches and floor plans that will show how you want your kitchen to look and work. You also want to make sure your new kitchen is laid out for proper safety.

One example of a layout issue to consider is making sure there is enough space in front of appliances so that you can open the doors.  

Fixtures and Finishes

There are so many decisions to make when remodeling your kitchen. This can be exciting and fun but can also be overwhelming.

The first things you and others will see when walking into your newly remodeled kitchen are the finishes and colors you have chosen. Finished surfaces include faucets, countertops, cabinets, hardware, backsplashes, and appliances.

The colors you choose create the environment you want. For instance, warm earthy tones create an inviting and relaxed environment.

Some of the many options for your fixtures include chrome, polished brass, copper, and polished nickel. Try to coordinate your colors and surfaces so they look good together.

Want to Save Money?

If you are looking for ways to save money but still want your remodeled kitchen to represent your dream kitchen, consider not moving the plumbing.

By keeping your stove, sink, and dishwasher in the same place, you will be able to use the existing utility layout and existing piping and avoid the high cost associated with moving them.

You can still replace your old appliances with updated new ones, but by keeping them in the same place, you can save a lot of money.


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