Tips On How to Sell Your Home Fast

Putting a house on the market doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems, even in a busy housing market like California. As the homeowner, you’ve spent part of your life there, and perhaps raised a family in your home. You want to see it go to someone who’s going to love it just as much.

When you’re selling your home, you want it to go fast and without a hitch. Especially if you’re moving from one coast to the other, the road to real estate satisfaction may seem bumpy. Here are some tips to make the transition from your old home to your new one go as seamlessly as possible.


Making sure your house is in the best possible shape is vital for a few reasons. Besides aesthetics, you want to make sure there are no leaky roofs, warped floorboards, or families of mice nesting in the walls. Discuss the correct paperwork and permits with a lawyer well-versed in property and real estate law before renovating your house.

Hiring a licensed contractor to comb through everything brings peace of mind and happens to be a great selling point. During that assessment, people may want to try out the sinks and check out the refrigerator. New appliances are always a bonus, but if you’re selling your home as is, just make sure everything is clean and in great condition.

Staging for success

Empty houses can easily be filled with beautiful, classic furniture that entices potential buyers. You can hire a staging company to bring in the style that reflects the house but also the community. Some real estate companies will handle this for you; you can find local companies by including your location on a Google search, i.e. “we buy houses in Solano County”.

The master bedroom can be an oasis away from the rest of the home, filled with sophisticated colors and style. The living area can reflect a warmer, more relaxed atmosphere, complete with handcrafted amish furniture that centers around an energy-efficient electric fireplace. Bringing a bit of nature inside can help freshen up a room’s look. House plants are always a great and sometimes small detail that can bring a lived-in feel to a room. Popular plants such as philodendron and peperomia are easy to maintain and give the room a pop of color.

If you are currently living there, you can set up your home so it’s show-ready at any time. Items can be packed away that aren’t utilized in everyday living. This helps clear out the clutter and gives you a head start in the moving process. Make sure everything is always clean and functioning such as the refrigerator and other appliances. A professional cleaning company can help shine up appearances before and keep it neat after a long week of showings.

Curb appeal

Your first impression of someone’s home begins on the outside. Landscaping your home is just as important as staging the inside. A well-groomed lawn, plants, and outdoor lights help highlight your home.

For warmer climates such as California beach towns, drought-resistant plants such as succulents in rock beds are low maintenance. Being located near the ocean gives you the opportunity to play around with ocean themed decor. Crushed shells instead of rock bed give a feel of the shore. Muted grays, dusty blues, and bright white trim let your house pop without compromising on a classic beach home look.


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