Tips to Design More Engaging Video Content

While video content in general has more potential to engage viewers than other types of content – that doesn’t mean that every video will engage viewers equally. The key difference that is present in almost every engaging video is that it is designed from the get go to engage viewers.


If you’d like to follow suit and design more engaging video content of your own, there are several tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Short videos retain more viewers

Have you noticed that videos seem to keep getting shorter and shorter? The reason for that is simple: The longer a video is, the more likely it is to lose viewers over the course of its duration.

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In other words if you want to design more engaging video content, you need to try to keep it short. To accomplish that you’ll want to be brief and direct in presenting your message.

  • The first few seconds are the most important

If there’s one part of the video that you want to especially focus on, it is the first few seconds. Most viewers will decide whether to stay and watch a video within the first 8 to 10 seconds, and so you need to make sure you design those few seconds to reach out and interest viewers.

The best way to do that is to give viewers a reason to keep watching – such as by outlining the benefits they stand to gain, explaining how it could solve a problem they’re facing, or even introducing a hint of mystery to make them curious.

  • Provoke as intense an emotional reaction as possible

Videos that provoke emotional reactions in their viewers tend to be the most engaging, and the more intense the reaction – the greater the engagement levels. That is something to consider when designing your video, as you should try to at very least aim to foster an emotional response.

One of the common ways in which videos are designed to illicit emotional reactions is by using storytelling elements. Structuring the video as a story can make viewers connect with the subject, and feel more emotionally invested in the outcome.

  • Always try to ‘show’ instead of telling viewers the message

Video content tends to be more engaging due to its unique audiovisual nature. It is important to leverage that when designing your videos and try to deliver its message in as visual a manner as possible.

Not only is visual information easier to digest, but it is also more likely to engage viewers. With that in mind you should constantly try to think of ways that you can ‘show’ the information in your video as opposed to just stating it in the voiceover or with text. In that case, a Teleprompteris the best option to go. This will make your video more professional.

With the Maekersuite Online Prompter, you can write your scripts, edit and record yourself effortlessly, and share your videos easily.

If you follow these tips when you design your next video, you should notice a marked improvement in its engagement. Of course there are other factors you should consider as well, such as the topic, style of video, and its quality.

One way to ensure that you’re able to capture video in high quality is to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will let you record video from a variety of sources, including by recording footage from your screen, capturing webcam videos, or even importing it from AVCHD cameras.

After you acquire the footage that you need, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you compile your video and improve it using the features in its built-in editor. Suffice to say it has everything you need to come up with unique and visually interesting videos that are able to truly engage viewers effectively.


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