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Every customer wants to feel like they are the only one in the world. Like they have a special connection with a business. Like businesses actually listen and respond to their specific needs.

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Social media has made this possible creating an almost real time connection for businesses and customers. Businesses have several options to use for social media depending on the type of content and demographic they target.

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms that is great for businesses and people to connect. With over 500 million active monthly users and the capability for real-time communication, what more could a business, brand or person ask for? While it is not as easy to get followers, it is not far fetched to attempt to. Finding the right people to follow who follow back will get you going but with some extra help, using these tips, sky may be the limit.

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Influencers and services

The cool kids on the block on Twitter are the influencers. If you want to get popular on Twitter, you have to hang with the cool kids. Influencers are some of the most followed people on Twitter and with that huge following comes great responsibility and… opportunity for Twitter users.  An influencer retweeting something you share gets headway across their many followers and increases engagement. Furthermore, many of their followers are more than likely to retweet and share the content to more followers making it snowball in popularity.

If influencers are not your cup of tea, a great option would be to buy Twitter followers through Twesocial. The real advantage of Twesocial is it allows real people who understand Twitter like the back of their hand to manage your account and grow your active follower count. This comes at a price so remember your wallet.

Use hashtags

If you have used twitter before, you will at some point come across hashtags. Hashtags bundle smilar content together and make it easier to find on twitter. The other great thing about hashtags is when they are trendy. Several people may get involved in a hashtag challenge which makes it highly popular on Twitter. Getting involved in the challenge may get your content retweeted and shared across Twitter wherever the hashtag is popular. Some popular hashtags are the ice bucket challenge and black lives matter.

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Create content that can he shared

Twitter is predominantly a text platform but allows videos and pictures to be uploaded too. Most people on Twitter want short and sweet information so most content should be kept within a few characters n text and 30 second videos. Since many users use it to binge on information, it must be straight to the point and interesting. More popular content is funny, uses images or videos and related to hashtag challenges, sometimes.

Post at the right times

Different Twitter users are on Twitter at different times. It is important to know when the users you are targeting are available on the app so that you can post at the best time for them. Customer/follower is king, right? The best times to post on Twitter are between 1pm and 3pm on Mondays and Thursdays for businesses looking for click-throughs to their websites. This may change depending on your audience for example for if its for an event or hobbies, Wednesdays and weekends may be best. The audience will always determine what times and days are best so it is an advantage to understand them.

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Use analytics

Few people enjoyed getting their report cards back in school because often, they were not good news. Similarly, Twitter does not keep you in the dark about how your account is doing. Using analytics shows users how much engagement they are getting through comments, retweets and likes. It also shows whether these metrics are growing, declining or steady which allows a user to adjust their content strategy accordingly. With analytics, you get a clearer picture of what goes on with your account.


It is better safe than sorry when it comes to using social media accounts. The best way is always to find out what works best for each and with Twitter, understanding influencers, great content and analytics, will put you a little ahead of the competition. Use them wisely.


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