Tips to Improve the Kerb Appeal of Your Building

Kerb appeal is often associated with homes.

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However, it can also be about the attractiveness of commercial property from the outside. Businesses also benefit from a presentable exterior, including hotels, retail stores, and restaurants. The outside of the building is what customers first see. It will entice them to check what a business offers if it looks eye-catching, clean, and safe. However, it would turn them off if it’s unappealing, thus driving business away. Here are ways to improve the kerb appeal of your commercial building.

Give your building a fresh paint

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When was the last time you repainted your building? If it’s been years, it’s about time to do it again. Paint fades over time due to natural wear and tear, exposure to elements and changing weather. It makes the building look old, gloomy, and unattractive. Fresh paint will bring it back to life and make it more appealing. 

Consider landscaping 

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Landscaping can effectively improve the aesthetics of your building’s exterior. Adding plants, fountains, and other landscape features is an excellent way to entice more customers to check your business. If you have a restaurant or hotel, you can offer al fresco dining to customers, and besides your great food and service, the gorgeous landscape will make the experience more memorable. It will leave a positive impression, keeping them returning and recommending your business to others. While at it, consider adding retaining wall systems if the place is at risk of landslips, like those located on elevated grounds. The movement of the ground due to landscaping could cause an issue if that is the case. So, install the retaining walls before adding the landscape features to ensure safety and avoid bigger problems. 

Make the entrance more attractive

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The entrance to your building is also one of the things that people first notice. So, make it as welcoming as possible. It’s not only about replacing the door but decorating the space to achieve the look you are after. Besides updating its aesthetics, it’s equally important to ensure that it’s safe and accessible. Remove obstructions that could cause safety hazards or make it difficult for clients to get through. 

Add lighting

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Proper lighting can do wonders with the overall look and feel of your building’s exterior. Even if you have a fantastic landscape and building design, if the place is not well-lit, it may not show its true potential, especially at night. Lighting can also affect the mood or ambience. For instance, fairy or mini lights are excellent additions if you want to achieve a romantic vibe. Determine what type of lighting would best suit your needs.  

Upgrade your signage

Effective signage will catch people’s attention, thus increasing brand exposure and recall. If your sign is old, missing lights or colours, and no longer represents your brand, get a new one that will serve its purpose. 

Once you complete the needed upgrades, ensure regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the outside of your building in its best shape for the longest time. A dirty exterior is an eyesore that could take away the beauty of your improvements. 


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