Tips to searching for apartments with great interior design and affordable rent prices

Choosing an apartment with an elegant interior design at an affordable rent price in Doha is not a walk in the park. With so many people searching for a great place to live in and the ever-increasing population growth, new apartments are not that affordable. Also, most apartments with a great interior design move really fast. But, this does not mean that you cannot find one to suit your interior décor needs that will suit your needs. Below are tips for searching for apartments with great interior design that won’t break your budget.

Hire a housing agency

Find a local affordable housing authority to help narrow down your search and select the best apartments for rent in Doha. Most housing authorities can help you find different affordable housing options that you can choose from. Some of the agencies have included low-interest loans and broker services to help you find affordable houses. Others offer financial counseling to help you find something within your budget.

You can also use an apartment broker who can help you find the best choice listings available. These would depend on the kind of apartment you want, neighborhood, your set price range, amenities among other factors. You can also get discount offers that are not available to the general public. 

Ask around

Networking is one of the most common ways to get an apartment that suits your needs. By informing everybody from your colleagues, friends and family that you are looking for a new place it’s likely that one might know someone who is moving out of an affordable apartment. It will save you money on extra expenses like broker fees. 

Also, you can join the social media like Facebook groups to hunt for your desired apartment. But, be wary of conmen since some would ask for a deposit to view the apartment even before you properly screen the apartment.

Check your budget

Even when you are searching for an apartment with great interior design that is affordable, you don’t have to compromise your quality. Make a detailed budget of what you can afford and brainstorm what you would like to help you make an informed decision. Sum up all your expenses like food, transportation, pending loan payments, utilities, and savings. Cut back on any extra expenses to accommodate your rent payments. Also, avoid apartments that exceed the budget you can afford. 

Look for a roommate 

If you can find a roommate and divide the cost of your apartment by two, then you can end up spending significantly less. Find a reliable roommate or multiple roommates and share your living arrangements and other apartment costs with them. You can find a roommate using an online service like Craigslist. If you do, meet them first to discuss your expectations and ask them for references. You can also sign a roommate agreement which shows your share of the rent and expenses. Apart from it being a win-win situation, it will help reduce your rent costs. But, be careful not to end up stuck with rent and bills beyond your means incase your roommate decides to leave.

Get ready to compromise

Finding an apartment to live on a budget can be difficult, especially when you have a budget that you don’t want to break but still want an apartment with great interior design. But, sometimes you have to compromise. Just don’t choose cost over quality. You can tone down your expectations and settle for one that is small and with fewer amenities and get creative. Simply determine your needs and wants and add some interior décor to the existing. 

Later on, you can buy good things that are durable to avoid replacing them fast which would cost more. And then include inexpensive accessories you love such as a lampshade, trays, placemats, or curtains to accentuate the décor. The best is to mix quality pieces that you truly love with less expensive ones. This will save you lots of money and make the apartment more appealing.

Check more than one neighborhood

Cheaper apartments are always found in less popular neighborhoods so get ready to shop around several different neighborhoods. There are many neighborhoods in Doha that offer unique and affordable housing alternatives. Prices also vary and this will save you huge amounts of money since you might get an apartment with a great interior design that suits your needs at a lower cost. It would also be a great boost if you can get an apartment that provides a shorter work commute.

Even after getting your new apartment, remember that the price of an apartment is negotiable. Sit down and negotiate with the agency or landlord. If you sign for a longer lease you might even get a discount.


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