Toilet Refurbishment: 4 Indications that Scream of an Immediate Makeover

Toilet – Sounds dirty, doesn’t it? (No pun intended, obviously!). Toilets/ washrooms might be the last thing that pops up in your head when you think of renovation. People are either too concerned about their kitchen or their posh sitting area where they can brag about the latest interior additions and other bells and whistles. However, washroom refurbishment might just be the most crucial aspect of a home refurbishment venture. Why?

For a start, how unappealing and repulsive is to walk into an unsanitary and cluttered toilet? No amount of posh exterior or interior sugarcoat can make up for such an atrocious insensitivity. In addition to that, professional Real Estate agencies say that the majority of home buyers prioritize a proper and optimally functioning bathroom over any other aspects when surveying their potential residence. This makes toilet refurbishment a compelling and also a smart investment if you are planning to trade it out in the future. 

However, that does not necessarily mean you have to immediately start drilling holes, or whack your walls down. There are certain signs to look out for to determine if your toilet requires a much-needed makeover.

  1. The paint’s gone soft

The only place where a topsy-turvy color scheme on washroom walls looks acceptable is if you are on a photo-shoot studio (for some weird classic appeal). Not your fancy sink, nor your Japanese heated toilet seat, the first thing that people notice the moment they step foot inside your washroom is the color scheme. Any form of inconsistency in the wall painting instantly portrays the feeling of being left out for a significant duration of time. Apart from simply messing up the color pattern of your washroom, the paint wearing off can also be attributed to a plethora of concerning reasons.

The most concerning reason could be that of internal water leakage, which can eventually cause the paint to lose its authentic shade and discolor as time passes. Other reasons could also include poor surface preparation, inferior quality of paint used, or weak wall surface. All these reasons are significant enough to give your washroom a much-needed refurbishing.

  • Apparent cracks around walls and ceilings

Hairline cracks around the walls and ceilings, of course, are the most vital indication to understand your washroom screaming out to get them fixed. Such types of phenomenons are naturally bound to occur over time, and that is a clear indication that your bathroom is beginning to age. Such occurrences can also be credited to a vast number of aspects such as water leakage and poor wall strength. The more concerning characteristics of such occurrence are that these cracks can further deteriorate the integrity of your washroom structure, and also risk the security of the occupants (sitting) below as well.

Apart from that, large cracks on the walls can also expose various metal sanitary pipes around the bathroom as well. Such exposure, in turn, also reduces their lifespan by make them susceptible to rust, cracks, and eventual total damage.    

  • Frequent clogging

Clogging and toilet are basically two things that go hand-in-hand with each other. However, if you have to frequent the clogging procedure more than the usual number of times, it might be a strong indication that your toilet is in dreadful need of a proper refurbishment venture. After all, no amount of color paints or wall repairs is enough to save you from an embarrassing leaky toilet episode. Not to forget, preventing your excretory vitals from surfacing up (literally) is the key focus of repairing your washroom in the first place.


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