Top 10 Factors to Consider While Building a Conservatory

Conservatories are a structure made up of glass and metal in the extension of your home, in the garden. Conservatories offer pleasure of the garden and comfort of the home. Previously, conservatories were used for the cultivation of plants, but now they are used as the extra leisure room in the home. Here are 10 important factors to consider while opting for a conservatory at home.

  • Purpose

Before setting up a conservatory, decide for what purpose you need it. Whether you want to make it as a study room, guest room, yoga, etc., ask for appropriate design layout and price quotation from the trusted conservatory company like Ideal Homes Ltd according to your requirement.

  • Building Regulations

Once figured out what design and material you want for the conservatory, see if the particular conservatory needs approval from the concerned department in your city or area. Having building permission is of the utmost importance.

  • Budget

Considering budget is very important. Decide your budget and check which conservatory suits best within your budget. It is advisable that you do not compromise on the cost of materials used for building the conservatory, otherwise with the passage of time you might have to get it repaired due to the damages caused by weather.

  • Size and Shape of the conservatory

The size of the conservatory should be according to the space available. The oversized conservatory may violate the regulatory department. In addition, you also need to decide what shape conservatory you want, whether P shaped, L shaped, Victoria, Edwardian or Gable one. The size and shape of the conservatory will surely affect the overall price.

  • Roof of the conservatory

Choosing the right roof for the conservatory is related to the weather. Whether you live in an area where it gets plenty of rain or in an area where it gets plenty of sunshine, the conservatory roof has to keep up with its job. Generally, materials used for roofing are glass and polycarbonate. Glass roofing allows a huge amount of sunlight in both winter and summer. The inhabitants will feel closer to the nature. However, glass roofing needs special care and attention. If you are opting for solid polycarbonate roof, it will make you feel more conserved and safe.

  • Colour

Colour is a choice of personal preference, and you can have it painted in any colour you want. However, lighter shades are preferable.

  • Insulation

The conservatory insulations should be such that it warms in the winter and cools in the summer. The roof and the windows should be such that it throws back the harmful UV rays of the sun.

  • Weatherproof

The materials used in the conservatory should be such that they can withstand any weather impacts.

  • Soundproof

This is again choice of personal preference and depends on the purpose of the conservatory, whether it is study room or just to enjoy nature. You can have a soundproof conservatory to avoid the noise of the rain, children playing outside, etc. Conversely, by soundproof conservatory you may not have the full pleasure of the nature.

  • Decorative Materials

There are various choices for using decorative materials. Some might use decorative materials to create privacy, while some might use just to lift up the look of the conservatory. You can use any decorative materials as far as they please you.

Take special care of your conservatory once built, as it might turn out to be the costliest home improvement venture.

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Daniel Clark is a civil engineer and a passionate blogger. Through this article, he is letting us informed that how we can set up a long lasting conservatory from reputable firms like Ideal Homes Ltd and avoid future expenses that might occur if not installed properly.


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