Top 10 Interior Design Color Trends you Need to Check Out in 2021

As much as we love to move past the chaos of 2020, the year has taught us some of life’s most valuable lessons. In a way, we’ve rediscovered our love for hobbies, nature and most importantly, we have dedicated a lot of time to a place called ‘home.’

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With one cancelled vacation after another, you are one amongst us who have started investing within the four walls, transforming each room into something more romantic and better to live in, and since color has the power to change a home, why not take the plunge. 

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A color selection for a home involves a lot of thought, consideration, and a driven passion. And essential as it may be, it is one of the most rewarding phases of designs as it allows one to get personal.

Remember, when choosing a color for your home, the furniture and texture already present should combine to tell a story.

From earth tones, forest greens, and ocean-inspired blues, these top colors will welcome the year 2021. And, for color enthusiasts, cherry and bright colors will make an appearance too. 

2021 will be here in a blink of an eye, and to welcome the new year with positivity and color, we love to introduce you to ten interior design color trends you can splash in your home.

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  • Jewel tones to bring in glam: To create a visually stimulating home, 2021 will see jewel-tone colors to clear and vivid palettes. Shades of plum and soft sultry purples will accentuate the walls adding that pop of color to a modern home interior color schemed home.
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  • Sunny hues for a brighter home: Who wouldn’t love to see a room painted in a soft yellow with stained antique case pieces and layers of colorful collections and treasures. This interior design color palette is neutral and can even be used as an accent to baby blues, and mustard block prints paired with earthy tones.
  • Muted walls with vibrant art: If you want your walls to tell a story, having a gallery wall is the only option. Muted walls for artwork display will see taupe and warm whites, which will make a comeback as the color trend for 2021.
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  • Nature tones to bring in the mood: We love colors that convey a sense of coziness, comfort, and safety.
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  • From mossy greens, floral wallpaper, and plenty of fresh blooms, everything with a touch of nature will bloom in 2021. Mint green tones also make a room feel like a tropical oasis. 
  • I will stick to white again this year: The sterile white may not be the latest interior design color trend, but nothing can beat a crisp, matte white wall, that is timeless and classic.
  • Ocean blues will steal your heart away: This color is known for its association with peace, calm, and comfort, not to mention it also resembles the ocean. Adding this interior design color trend to your home will make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation, even if the closest island escape is your laptop’s screensaver.
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  • Moody gray and its combinations: No doubt, this color will never run out of trend. Coral combined with gray is one color trend to expect in 2021. And the bold, colorful coral shade will surely lighten things up in your ambiance.
  • Earthy shades will come into force: Rusts, warm greens, deep reds, and patchy browns; the earthy tones are comforting, welcoming, and just what we need for 2021. Earth colors are timeless. Therefore, it will become a significant trend for the future.
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  • Ravishing reds will steal the limelight: The color red brings warmth and energy to space, mostly when seen in natural materials like brick or ceramic. This powerful color can have a positive effect on a room and will work well with other colors too.
  • Say hello to natural colors: As homeowners, we always hunger for a more natural appearance. Natural colors will have a warm welcome trend in 2021. You will see it in raw materials like wood and bamboo. On the other hand, the light tones of rose quartz, taupe, and aqua tones added to space will brighten the natural materials you want to accent in your home. 


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