Top 3 tips for buying plants online!

If you want to buy some flowers or herbs to spruce up your indoor or outdoor garden, you need to find the best places to purchase them! If you don’t know what store to visit in person, you can use websites to quickly and easily order flowers, weeds, and herbs in bulk to make it easy and quick.

3 tips when looking to buy plants online

If you want to buy plants online, you need to find out the plants that work for your geographic location, environment, and lifestyle. Are you able to water your plants every day or will you forget? Do you live in a dry and humid climate, or do you live in a cold climate? Is there sun year-round where you live, or do you only have sun for around half the year? Answering all of these questions can help you figure out what types of plants to buy for your indoor space and outdoor garden.

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Plan before making impulse purchases

Make sure before you buy plants online that you plan out your purchases. Although it can be easy to love a new flower that you see on the homepage of a website, this plant might be the completely wrong choice for you. Make sure you don’t buy plants that you think will die, as this is unfair to the plant and will be a waste of your money.

Instead, browse the plants online, and see which ones work with your space, watering habits, and environment.

Read the label of the plants

When looking to buy plants online, make sure you thoroughly read the labels of all plants, weeds, and herbs. Most plants come with instructions on the plant tag – when looking online, most websites let’s say, Plantly will include the plant tag in the description. Types of information stored on the tag typically include the name of the plant, the size, and length of the plant, the blooming period of the plant, and the water habits. 

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Know what unhealthy plants look like

If you don’t know what a healthy or unhealthy plant looks like, how will you be able to keep your plants healthy and happy? Here are some signs of unhealthy plants you need to keep an eye out for when you buy plants online:

  • Yellow leaves – if your leaves are wilting, browning, or turning yellow, this is a sign your plant is not doing well.
  • Root plants – when plants have been in their original container in the nursery for an extended period, this can cause their roots to become mangled, making it difficult for them to absorb the proper nutrients to stay alive. 
  • Pests or diseases – plants that have the tendency to harbor pests or diseases can affect the rest of your house and the rest of the plants in your garden
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If you are looking to buy plants online, you need to make sure you follow these three important tips to choosing the best plants and keeping your plants healthy! Make sure you read the labels before purchasing any type of plant or flower, along with reading the entire description before choosing the best plants for your geographical location and lifestyle. 


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