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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Convertors

There are two main ways to exchange cryptocurrencies for ordinary fiat money. Using cryptocurrency exchangers is the easiest and fastest option, but the commissions are higher than on crypto-exchanges, and the level of reliability is much lower than that of large cryptocurrency platforms.

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Crypto exchangers have a simple interface and support common payment systems. With the help of cryptocurrency exchanges – the most profitable option with minimal commissions, it also allows you to trade cryptoassets and store them on your personal account.

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How to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger?

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, an incredibly many different services have appeared. There are several indicators by which you can choose a more or less reliable service and make your own rating of the best cryptocurrency exchangers. Before trusting your hard earned money to any exchanger, you should pay attention to several indicators:

·     Cryptocurrency reserve. It determines liquidity. This indicator affects the speed of the transaction;

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·     Number of trading pairs. The more trading pairs, the more convenient the exchanger is.

·     Reviews. One of the most important points. When choosing a site, you should always familiarize yourself with the experience of those who have already used it.

Top convertors

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is the world leader in trading volumes among cryptocurrency asset trading platforms. Distinctive characteristics of the Binance exchange:

1.  Binance ranks # 1 in terms of trading volume among all crypto exchanges;

2.  Lack of verification when withdrawing less than 2 BTC per day;

3.  The daily trading volume exceeds $ 4 billion;

4.  Commission per transaction from 0.1% to 0.05%;

5.  There is no commission for the input of any cryptocurrency;

6.  Availability of an application for trading on a mobile device;

7.  Convenient and fast interface.


Cashex performs not only cryptocurrency exchanges, but also allows you to make ordinary money transfers from one wallet to another. There are no minimum amounts for transferring, you can exchange even very tiny capitals. Cashex has a very good technical support system: you can ask questions via skype, phone or email. Money transfers are carried out only through the site, any requests to make a transfer sent by mail are fraudulent.

60cek is an automatic exchange service with a lot of directions of currency pairs and the largest reserve of funds. In particular, here you can convert BTC to ETN and all major cryptocurrencies.

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Operators process requests around the clock, so the withdrawal is not instant. The exchange can be made without registration, however, cumulative discounts from 0.05% to 2% are valid with it, depending on the number of successful operations in the service.


Matbi is a service that provides services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as their safe storage.

It is important to note that there are no Bitcoin exchange fees in Matbi. To send bitcoins to another wallet, you need to go to the “Send cryptocurrency” tab there, specify the bitcoin address, the number of bitcoins and select the priority and then click on the button Send.

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Nicechange  is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange service that allows you to buy / sell bitcoin through a website or telegram.

Buying any cryptocurrency with an online merchant. The technology of anonymous exchange in a telegram, through its own bot based on artificial intelligence. Fast exchanges without verification in minutes.


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