Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Gutter

Gutters are a very significant feature of every home that should not be overlooked or forgotten. Your home could face tremendous damage to its walls, windows, doors, foundation, and basement, especially anything made out of wood if it has improperly functioning gutters. Therefore, it’s vital to inspect and maintain your gutters regularly. A good and well-maintained gutter system can last around twenty years, but some factors may shorten its lifespan, and you will need gutter replacement. The reasons why you need a gutter replacement are fairly clear. Here is rundown of some reasons to replace your gutters.

1.     Cracking Up:

When your gutters have cracks and splits, they have become entirely pointless. The main purpose of your gutters is to direct the water away from your home. Fine cracks and small holes may not be visible, but they are noticeable when it rains because they leak. Natural weather conditions such as heavy rains can cause the cracks to go larger and soon you could see the spots where the water has seeped in. Other than the gutter installation cost, these leaks can lead to additional expenses of repairing the parts of your home that has been affected by the water seepage. Therefore, constantly inspect your gutters and check for cracks every few weeks or so. Extensive cracking is a reason to consider gutter replacement.

2.     Seam Stress:

Gutters are often more vulnerable at the seams where two horizontal sections of gutters meet. When the seams get damaged or separated in any way, water leaks and are common, and water can pour onto your home which defeats the purpose of gutters. Although separated seams can be repaired, it’s better to replace your gutters with seamless gutters to get rid of this problem altogether.

3.     Dealing With Peeling:

One of the signs of malfunctioning gutters is the peeling or bubbling paint around the gutters. Water can ruin your paint faster than anything. If your paint is peeling quickly, you must have got a leaky gutter somewhere. Check the gutter above the area where paint is peeling. Moreover, if your painted gutters are seen peeling, you very likely have a leak. If peeling due to gutter leaks has extended beyond one or a couple of areas, consider gutter replacement.

4.     Mildew Madness:

The reason for gutters is to keep water from pooling up near the foundation of your home. The standing water accumulating at your foundation can cause the formation of mold or mildew. The growth of unsightly and often smelly mildew growth in the basement is a clear sign of moisture accumulation near your foundation. Malfunctioning gutters are most likely the cause of formerly dry mildew-free area. Proper gutter maintenance matters a lot if you want your gutters to function correctly. When such problem reoccurs after repair attempts, the next logical step should be gutter replacement.

5.     Incorrect Installation:

If you are noticing signs of leaky gutters but unable to detect the actual damage in your gutter system, then there is a possibility that your gutters were installed incorrectly. The only method to fix this problem is to replace your gutters.


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