Top 5 Tips for a Successful Restaurant Interior Design Overhaul

Many restaurant owners have a specific interior design preference that they will tend to lean towards when carrying out a complete makeover of their beloved restaurant, yet there are a wide range of interior design opportunities out there that kill two birds with one stone.

Not only can you create a hugely impressive, luxurious and imposing interior, you can also incorporate plenty of potential selling points that will help your business thrive. Here are a few interior design tips for restaurants that could really help your business to achieve its potential.


  1. Layout

The layout of your restaurant is an essential part of any interior design job, as you don’t want to have customers and staff members constantly getting in the way of each other. There needs to be an organised level of circulation that allows staff to operate quickly and efficiently and customers to get to and from their table with ease.

You can adjust the layout of your restaurant to benefit circulation in a number of ways. Focus on tables and chairs first and make sure there’s enough room to accommodate your desired restaurant capacity. If you don’t have a huge amount of room, think about the position of the counter and whether or not this could be moved or adjusted to enhance space benefits.

  1. Concept

The concept of your restaurant is hugely important as this is what will separate you from other alternative culinary services within your location. If you can resist the temptation to play it safe and find the perfect balance between a little bit of unique inspiration and the standard expectations of a restaurant, you are likely to succeed.

We usually put our favoured cuisine first when thinking about opening a restaurant, so this is an opportunity for you to create a concept that reflects the kind of food you’ll be serving regularly. Any links to a foreign country should be accompanied by an interior with a very similar atmosphere.

  1. Decoration

Decoration goes hand in hand with your chose concept. As soon as you decide the general theme of your restaurant, you need to be thinking about how you could enhance the atmosphere with decorative features.

For example, if you are based in a period, 16th century London location, you’ll want to try and include some distinctive period features on the walls, relevant artwork and vintage furnishings. The same goes for a classic 50’s Italian wine bar, which is likely to have artwork from Pablo Picasso and various Mediterranean colour schemes.

  1. Window Displays

Window displays are vastly underrated and have the potential to attract passersby who weren’t originally interested in visiting your restaurant in the first place. It is the first thing your customers are likely to see when they arrive outside and a unique, imposing window design is more than capable of enhancing their curiosity.

Window displays should ideally be transparent as this gives your potential customers the chance to see what it’s like inside and consider what it would be like to step foot inside. Displays can be large and imposing but they shouldn’t block out too much light, as this is far less likely to attract the eye of any potential customer.

  1. Professional Assistance

If there’s one mistake nearly all beginners seem to make when starting up their own restaurant business, it’s calling on the help of amateurish services, whether it’s builders or interior designers. You have no idea how much this could cost you in the long run, so it’s always helpful to get proven, knowledgeable and skilled experts onboard to help out.

You might find that your budget will be a little inflated as a result of pursuing proven specialists but it’s entirely worth it. You can cover the entire design process with the help of experienced professionals and specialist architectural designers. What’s more, having everyone on site at once can really help to enhance the final outcome and you’re far more likely to be happy with the end result.

By following our helpful guidelines you can achieve the best possible results with your restaurant business and still have a flawless interior design project that’s more than capable of infatuating passersby and any potential customer who fancies a tasty lunchtime meal.

However, it’s important to remember that the look of your restaurant has to be complimented by food that reaches the same level of quality. When you do manage to complete a truly outstanding restaurant interior design project, you need to be able to please the customers who are demanding a beautiful plate of food!

When it comes to refurbishing a restaurant or bar, capturing the essence is such an important area to ensure the ambiance and desired impression comes across correctly. An interior designer specialising in restaurant interiors would be a sound investment. Crispin Williams of Engaging Interiors is an interior designer specialising in refreshingly innovative and unique approaches and has experience in the world of restaurant interior design.


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