Top 5 UX Trends in 2020

UX designs evolve continuously. Surprisingly, it has moved from the bright color layouts to designs like GIFs and microcopy. Within the UX design, there is always something new to try. Despite the advancement made in previous years in the UX designs, here are some top 5 UX trends to watch out for in 2020.

1.      Voice-First Design

A lot of smartphone users now turn to Siri, Alexa, and Google virtual assistants to find information, organize their task, or have fun. More people now use voice-activated assistant at least once every month. The voice-first evolution now allows designs without interfaces. Therefore, UX designers need to allow users to appreciate this new experience.

Subsequently, UX voice designers need to find a balance between adding a personality and context to the AI voice without causing an overload. But, will this not bring complexity to the voice technology industry as it matures?

2.      The Emotional UX Design Using Emoji

Beyond the use of UX emoji, which presents a unique way to communicate and experience ones feeling, you must also understand that these emojis now cover a wider design trend. For example, the Apple emoji allows you to use your voice and facial expression to accurately communicate your emotions as though it is a reality. The purpose  is that UX designers want to show the importance of emotions in design interactions, creating a form of reality for users.

3.      UX Writing

UX writing provides a compelling microcopy text, ensuring that the right article titles, content, and proper language, are righty provided to users.

Subsequently, top writing companies now have UX writers, whose duty is to ensure that users can find the necessary information on the company website. Companies like these have Top essay writing reviews on the internet, which is an indication of a combinatory effect of both copywriters and UX writers. So, to make sure that a service is reliable and worth giving a try, check essay pro reviews first. 

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4.      Virtual Reality

The virtual reality is a UX design that provides users with a similitude of real-life experience. It is mainly used for entertainment and educational purposes. For example, the virtual reality of the Pokémon Go game creates an unforgettable experience for its user, and it helps to meet the user needs in a very entertaining way.

5.      Evolution in Computational Design and Artificial Intelligence

UX design is now gradually moving away from computation to Artificial intelligence. Machines or better said robots would have the autonomy of designs without having to use large data, a vast amount of computational power, and generative designs. The evolution of computational design is now used in motion tracking and behavioral monitoring of robotic devices, which is the future of Artificial intelligence.

 UX design is always evolving. All the above mentioned will soon evolve in a matter of months and will be replaced by a more challenging but innovative and exciting UX design.


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