Top 8 Apps to Stay Healthy

Today, modern technologies help us with everything. With Netflix, we can watch recent movies at home, and allows us to bet on our favorite football teams or athletes. But modern technologies also help us stay healthy. And these 5 apps will be useful if you want to avoid any diseases. 

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Keeping your body hydrated is a simple and affordable way to improve your health. Water consumption plays a critical role in the functioning of the entire body, and if you have trouble drinking your daily quota, this app can help remedy this situation. Keep track of the amount of water you consume daily, track your progress, set reminders, and enjoy the gradual improvement in your well-being.

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Health is not just about your diet or your gym regimen. Meditation can make you feel happy and comfortable. This app contains a lot of meditations that can be used in a variety of situations. Some will help you fall asleep, others will help you cope with anxiety, and others will help you reduce stress. Just ten minutes a day will help clear your mind, increase your concentration and attentiveness, and become calmer. By the way, this app is used by Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson.


Sleep plays an important role in promoting and maintaining good health throughout your life. If you don’t get enough sleep every night, your body will have difficulty recovering from a busy day, balancing hormone release, and maintaining blood sugar levels, just to name a few of the problems you may encounter. The app monitors your sleep quality as well as your sleep heart rate, but the best part is that it will wake you up in the morning during the most optimal sleep phase, and you’ll wake up well rested and ready for the new day.

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Stress is one of the leading causes of death, along with heart disease, cancer, lung disease, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. Based on a huge amount of research on mental health, the creators of the app have built a system that helps to overcome stress, get rid of anxiety, and negative thoughts and improve emotional health. 

My Possible Self

Another app for those who are worried about their mental health. It is useful if you have decided to engage in the development of emotional intelligence and want to better understand what you feel. The app helps control emotions, recognize patterns in your manifestations, and trace the causes of a particular feeling. The creators promise that the app will help with problems such as chronic stress and anxiety, loss or serious traumatic change in life.

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Smoke Free

Tired of fighting a bad habit and resigned to the fact that you will never quit smoking? Take your time, try this app first. Its uniqueness is not only in the fact that you can track cravings and your progress but also in its unique motivation system. Every cigarette you don’t smoke, the app translates into the amount you save and the hours of life you’ve given yourself by quitting smoking.


An app to combat another bad habit – drinking alcohol. It seems that in today’s world there is always an excuse to have a glass of wine, but alcoholism is not a question of quantity but of regularity. The app will help you check and make sure that your relationship with alcohol is healthy. Special trackers and tools, such as a drinking and calorie calculator, will help you review your drinking habits and set goals to reduce it. And, of course, as with the app above, no one has changed the monetary motivation: all alcohol consumed you can record not only in terms of milliliters, but also in terms of money spent.

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This app is for those who struggle with an eating disorder, are watching their diet, want to lose weight, or simply want to improve their eating habits. Use it daily, write down your weight, the foods you eat, and read a series of short articles that reveal some aspects of weight loss and eating habits. Quizzes and surveys add a playful element, and communication with a personal counselor and a group of like-minded people helps you stay on track. The app focuses on behavioral psychology and explains complex concepts in easy-to-understand language.


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