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Top Interiors Trends of 21st Century

There are all of the biggest interior design trends of 21st Century.

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The trend experts and designers to get them to share all trend predictions and insights.

Modern Renderings, Murals and Facades

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One of the many hottest interior design trends for the coming years is comprised of modern renderings, murals and a wide range of facades. Facades can be comprised of modular systems, which are typically fabricated in a factory and then shipped via truck to your finished location. This is advantageous to consumers because it saves on cost and can sometimes be custom ordered. Another positive aspect of modular systems is their adaptability. You can add new features or modify older ones, should you desire. Also, new systems can include high tech accessories like LED lighting and fixtures.

Space Decor Trend

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Other highlights in this space decor trend include inclusive spaces, modular units and color coordination. In inclusive spaces, you can get anything you need to transform your home without having to rip everything out. This includes bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets and other fixtures. You can also get new floors and wall coverings. Color coordination, in the form of paint and wallpaper, is also an option that is available.

This type of transformation takes a lot of work and preparation but, the results are well worth the effort. What is nice about incorporating inclusive spaces into your home design is the ability to create more flexibility in terms of design. You can decide on the type of finishes you want and still be able to accessorize accordingly.

These types of renderings also lend themselves well to color coordination. The combinations you can come up with are limited only by your imagination. Color coordination can also be applied to furnishings, wall coverings and flooring. The possibilities are numerous.

Custom Furniture

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Custom furniture is also in great demand at present. Manufacturers are working with clients to create realistic renderings that can easily be incorporated into their existing space. Furniture is available in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. One thing that is common is the material can be used whether it is wood vinyl or metal. You have the option of using all these types of materials or just one.

Hardwood Floors

New ideas for flooring are also on the rise. Hardwood floors are very popular nowadays and they look good in modern as well as traditional styled homes.

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Other types of flooring such as ceramic tile and other engineered hardwood floors are becoming popular as well. They can withstand heavy foot traffic without getting damaged. Porcelain tiles are also gaining popularity since they are easy to clean and maintain.

Water Features

One design trend that is not being overlooked is the inclusion of water features in your home. The trend does not stop at the water. There are many other options that can be incorporated into your design. A great way to add water to your home is by putting a pond in your yard. Ponds can be made small or large depending on how much space you have and what type of design you want.


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Lighting is another important element when it comes to interiors. Fluorescent lighting can be added to your home to give it that natural light feel. Flooring should be highlighted with marble or granite tile designs. Carpet is also an option for flooring. Modern designs do not stop at the walls of the home. Doors should open up to give the whole house a clean and organized look.

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