Top luxury interior design trends 2021

Thinking of refreshing your home with the latest luxury interior design trends?

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Due to the pandemic, our homes are now, more than ever, our sanctuary, and how we use them has significantly changed. This has caused a significant shift in luxury interior design trends. Today’s luxury interior homes not only need to be stylish, but they also need to be usable, reflecting the modern world in which we live.

Read on as we highlight some of the top luxury interior design trends of 2021 and beyond.

Luxury interior design trends

1 – Nature infused spaces

As we are now spending more time in our homes, there has been an increased desire to bring the outside inside. Nature-inspired colour palettes, natural fabrics, botanical prints, and using house plants as décor are all a luxury interior design trend seen in homes. From a cluster of elegant succulents, an oversized interior jardinière, or even living interior walls, this trend looks set to stay.

2- Quiet design

In an ever-connected world, people increasingly want to create homes that enable them to de-connect from a busy world and enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity. One of the latest luxury interior design trends is ‘quiet design,’ a design-led trend that creates homes that instantly provide a sense of calm when you step through the front door. Think simplified furniture shapes, muted colour schemes that reflect nature, soft organic curves, and natural materials. Clutter is kept out of place in bespoke storage solutions, while elegant and naturally beautiful accessories are kept to a minimum. This luxury interior design trend is all about creating a harmonious yet refined space where a few select luxurious items can truly shine.  

3 – Sustainable design features

The trend for sustainable design sees no sign of abating as people aim to reduce their carbon footprint and lead an eco-friendlier lifestyle. In the design world, this has not only translated into sustainable luxury interior design touches, such as furniture built from recyclable materials, but sustainability is also being built into the very fabric of the home. Take, for example, Mareterra, a new eco-district currently under construction in Monaco that will boast super prime location apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and waterfront villas. This ambitious development incorporates state-of-the-art sustainable design features from the ground up, including solar panels, waste-water recovery systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and lush gardens filled with insect hotels and bird nests to encourage wildlife.

4 – Gallery like spaces

Beautiful wall art has always been a luxury interior design trend. However, the point of difference in 2021’s luxury interior homes is creating elegant gallery-like spaces, enabling art collections to take centre stage in a purposefully designed area. Not only is how we display art changing in our homes, but the type of art is changing too. The latest wall art trend leans towards elegant tapestries that add depth and texture to homes, colourful murals that add a dramatic pop of colour to an entire wall, and dreamy, painterly scenes – think art that transports you to another destination.  

5 – Rare materials and luxurious touches

The world’s wealthiest are increasingly craving rare materials and luxurious touches as they seek to create a point of difference and a home that is uniquely personal. People not only want their homes to be a sanctuary, but they also want them to be luxurious too, embracing the latest luxury interior design trends. Rare and unique materials such as stingray leather, laser-cut sheet metal, 3-D printed floors, and gypsum-clad furniture and wall panels, are all present in the homes of the world’s wealthiest. Couple this with abstract home design features, modern aesthetic styles, and unique architectural elements, and you have a home that truly wows.

What other luxury interior design trends for 2021 and beyond would you add to our guide?


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