Top Tips For Cleaning Your Windows!

Cleaning your windows is one of those chores that is often put off, that is until a bright and sunny day shows up the streaks, fingerprints and dirt marks covering your windows and you struggle to see the outside world. Winter is definitely upon us, and it might be your last chance to get outside and give those windows a clean, System Hygiene give their top tips for cleaning your windows to keep them streak free and sparkling over winter!

Window Cleaning Equipment

Having the right equipment will of course help you do an efficient window cleaning job, depending on how many windows you have and the scale of the job will depend on the equipment that you will need, one of the most important things you need is of course a squeegee!

Many people have a window cleaner who will clean your windows at least once a month, which is the average amount that you should be doing it to keep them in tip top condition.

The average home has 8 windows, and this might not seem like a lot of work – but once you start thinking about the preparation of the clean, and the fact that you have to do the inside and out to do an effective job, then it can easily amount to a day’s worth of work.

Preparation is Key

Firstly, to prepare your windows to be cleaned you must remove any dust that will have accumulated on them so this does not get stuck on the windows once products are applied. Using a dusting cloth, simply wipe the windows down – depending on how many levels your home has will determine how easy this is going to be to achieve, especially for the upstairs windows. Investing in a ladder that will enable you to safely access the higher up windows to dust these off.

You will then be able to wash your windows using a specialist cleaner that will help to make sure there are no streaks left on your windows. One of the most noticeable thing that make windows appear dirtier than they actually are is the streaks, and a cleaner such as Windolene Crystal Clear Window Spray offers a 4 in 1 cleaning system to dissolve grease, lift off dirt and effectively removes streaks. Another product is Evans Vanodine Clear Window Cleaner, which has been formulated to leave a brilliant, sparkling, streak and smear free finish.

Depending on the height of your window you might want to look at investing in an extendable pole window cleaner that dispenses chemicals as well as wiping It off, there are even drip free models that are perfect for indoor use as you can be sure you will not get mess on your carpet.

*Top tip: you should always clean the outside of your windows first, as this will often be dirtier than the inside, making it easier for you to clean the inside where you can then spot any bits that you might have missed.

When it comes to letting the windows dry, this can often be the time that you might notice streaks appearing, using a microfiber cloth will help to absorb any excess moisture that might be left on your windows ensuring that streaks will disappear.


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