Top Trends for Home Design 2022

Over recent years, our homes have become our offices, our schools, our gyms, recreational areas, and restaurants. Undoubtedly, our perspectives on how we should use our living space have changed, and this shift has definitely influenced home trends. Here are some of the biggest home trends for 2022. 

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Natural and Minimalist

It’s easy to see why minimalism is more of a trend now than it has ever been before: now we design our homes to give us a sense of space and calm, and we need to accommodate more space for different activities. In addition, there’s an emphasis on clean living in an ecological sense, and people are determined to keep their homes free from unnecessary items and clutter, which gives them more room overall.

Another essential element in achieving a calming space is the use of natural materials and colors. It is also a great way to keep your minimal space from feeling cold or sterile, giving rooms a feeling of warmth and homeliness. A complementary minimalist trend in 2022 will be organic natural materials like wood, stone, wool, etc, which can be embedded as part of the architecture or used within furnishings. You can easily work around this in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner by using secondhand furniture, where possible.

All in all, the essential crux of minimalism is that, when making purchases for your home, you ought to consider whether you really need the item and whether it’s purposeful. This way you can avoid buying unnecessary items that will just contribute to clutter. 

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Thankfully we have all become more educated and aware of our impact on the environment. Making more conscious decisions about how much energy we consume starts at home. In 2022, it’s likely we’ll see a trend in people purchasing sustainable furniture and fittings, from flooring to furniture made from recycled and reclaimed natural materials like bamboo, cork, glass, and metals. 

Image by Hakim Santoso from Pixabay

In 2022 we will also see more environmentally sustainable architectural and structural elements, which may be difficult to achieve in a rental property. That being said, there are plenty of opportunities available for those who are considering buying their own property. There are existent properties that have been built with an eco-friendly emphasis, and there are also numerous properties available that can be easily modified to fulfill a more eco-friendly purpose.

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If you are truly passionate about sustainability, factor this into your search and your financial plans. By using a mortgage broker like Trussle you can make the process of applying for a mortgage quick and easy, as they allow people to submit applications via their mobiles and do all the legwork through their comparison service. With plenty of foresight and careful, considerate designing, you can build the home of your dreams that can be individualized so that it’s as sustainable as possible.

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Indoor Green Spaces

The indoor plant trend has become more and more popular over the past few years, and 2022 will be no different. Plants have become a key element in interior design, with the ability to add aesthetic beauty to a space and change the quality of the air and quality of our living spaces. During periods of confinement within our home, indoor gardens have given us a sense of fresh air and calm. Carefully plan what plants you will incorporate into your space, consider lighting, ventilation, humidity, etc. Yes, like everything, there are now apps to help you choose and take care of your plants!

These are just a few of the trends for 2022 home design. Try using one of these trends to create a comfortable and warm home environment for your family.


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