Touchless Soap Dispensers That You Need in Your House

Do you remember that design or scent that made you remember a restaurant or appreciate its style? It could have been due to the soap dispenser from the bathroom. Automatic or touchless soap dispensers are the champions of design and utility. They protect your hands from germs and store the soap you need. You don’t even need to touch the dispenser, so your hygiene is also covered.

Touchless soap dispensers are now widely produced. You can find them in public bathrooms, restaurants, pubs, museum or buy them for your home. Designers have taken the touchless soap dispensers to a whole new level and added unique features or sensors. Their approach shares the same purpose – to allow you to wash without touching a germy dispenser or leave traces of dirt.

Soap Dispensers with Unique Design and Features

The top rated automatic soap dispensers of 2018 have innovative design, convenient prices and instant dispensing. Let’s see what features dispensers have now.

  • Control of the Dispensing Volume

Imagine having a soap dispenser with a very accurate and quick soap dispersion, and a silicon valve. By controlling the dispensing volume, you can eliminate those messy drips that get harder to clean once they dry.

Soap dispensing takes 0.2 seconds, while the silicon valve seals the soap inside the dispenser.

Which product has it: The 8-ounce sensor pump from Simplehuman. The product also has an elegant design and works best in the kitchen.


  • Premium ABS Plastic

This material makes the soap dispenser waterproof on all grounds. It doesn’t get wet, also it doesn’t take in water. This feature adds a premium note to a product and provides it with a longer lasting lifespan.

Such a dispenser doesn’t leak and waste soap. Such a product is convenient not only for your home, but for locations for sports training.

Which product has it: The CHUNNUO 280ML Stainless Steel Touchless Hand Free Motion Sensor Autosoap Dispenser is suitable for both your kitchen and bathroom. It also has a lifespan of over a year.


  • Easy to Clean

A useful touchless soap dispenser needs to be rust-proof and easy to clean, only with a damp cloth. Such a product is also durable, as it doesn’t require high maintenance. The rust-proof dispenser also looks good in a public place and has a friendly design.

This dispenser that can be quickly cleaned is useful especially in large bathrooms with continuous usage.

Which product has it: The OUNONA Hand Free Sensor Dispenser is rather cheap and can store liquid soap, shower foam, dishwashing liquid or sanitizer. Can easily fit into your kitchen, bathroom or even office.

  • Ultra-Slim Design

Aesthetics matter even for the product from your bathroom. Moreover, a soap dispenser with an ultra-slim design can also look premium in a tight space. If you find a product made of stainless steel, you’ll discover that it’s also resistant to fingerprints.

You can explore your creativity by looking for an innovative place for your next dispenser.

Which product has it: The Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser is courtesy of The Original Hayden Autosoap. This product can easily be placed in the bathroom and kitchen sink and it’s suitable for both liquid soap and sanitizer.

  1. Infra-Red Sensors

Infra-red sensors save the battery lifespan of the soap dispensers, while providing the product with smart usage. If the product is also waterproof, it protects the circuit board from getting corroded over time.

These sensors make the soap dispensers to run longer on a single battery charge.

Which product has it: The OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Stainless-Steel Auto-soap Dispenser is suitable for family kitchens and bathrooms.

Infra-Red Sensors

  • High Capacity Batteries

Many clients look for products that are fit for daily and heavy usage. These dispensers have high capacity batteries, together with high protection from germs and bacteria. A premium battery can expand your soap dispenser’s lifespan to up to three years.

You can find plenty of such products for homes and offices, even if they are used heavily.

Which product has it: The Wall Mount Auto Foam Dispenser made by Technical Concepts also has a stylish design and turns liquid soap into foam. Can be used for both bathroom and kitchen.

Infra-Red Sensors-Soap

  • Innovative Materials

How about a product which looks and works based on different technologies than others? You may want a surprising soap dispenser which uses unique technology. Maybe a plastic dispenser with volume control, economic battery usage and long-lasting lifespan fits your needs.

A stylish and attractive soap dispenser that looks and works innovatively can even impress guests in your home.

Which product has it: The Secura 17oz/500ml Premium Touchless Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser has a chrome design with black finish that looks good especially in your bathroom.

Buying a Soap Dispenser

Once you found all the features you need in a touchless soap dispenser, it’s time to research. You should check out it’s user’s guide, consumer reviews and even ratings. Make sure the product you plan to buy contains everything you need and would look good in your home.

When you get home, read the instructions manual again and make sure you take advantage of all your soap dispenser’s features!

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