Tradition Meets Innovation- Lovely Handmade Seating by Kumeko

Looking for a cozy personal retreat for your everyday moments of relaxation? Here we show you “Snug”, a lovely handmade seating imagined by Prague-based Kumeko. Combining traditional handcrafted technique from grandparent with modern technologies, they designed a piece of soft furnishing with a unique and eye-catching shape, very comfortable and flexible. “Snug” is a perfectly functional seat like a shell which envelops the person within and can be set up practically anywhere in your home.

It consists of a fabric sleeve specially developed by Kumeko, that surrounds a soft inner cushion padded with yellow jersey tubes. To preserve the temperature inside the sleeve and makes the item durable, the tubes are wowen into the 100% wool felt and filled with polyurethane foam which creates and interesting 3D double-sided pattern. The “Snug” can support the user’s body in a variaty of different positions thanks to a belt integrated on the top of the sleeve. It comes in three sizes (S, M, L) and bright yellow and light grey colors combination, so if you’re interested in purchasing it, check their website for detailed information about prices and special offers.

Comfy-shell-by-Kumeko Snuf-seat-by-Kumeko


Snuf-seat-by-Kumeko-01 Snuf-seat-by-Kumeko-02

Photos © Kumeko

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