Training Courses for Cisco CCNA Certification Exams

To successfully pass your exam, you need a good and solid theoretical and practical foundation. But where can you find it? Training courses are one of the most efficient and useful tools for the exam preparation that combine both theory and practice. Thus, if the exam requires any training activity, you should take it without any doubt.

Passing Cisco exams is a hard task, that’s why Cisco always offers several training activities to make your exam preparation more simple and efficient. In order to increase or add credentials in CCNA 200-125 (Cisco Certified Network Associate), there are some training courses offered by Cisco Systems, Inc., and other online courses by different individual instructors. These courses provide great source of aid in escalation in fundamental knowledge regarding networking.

After getting trained with the relevant courses like switching and routing, the CCNA 200-125 Exam Dumps & Questions for certified professionals are capable of installing, troubleshooting, managing these networks effectively. Along with proficient knowledge of network infrastructure, they are skilled of optimization of operational networks with ensuring the security protocol and establishing the network connectivity through Wide Access Networks (WAN).

Top training courses for CCNA certification exams


  • CCNA Routing&Switching


Training courses:Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1(INCND1) and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (INCND2).

Additional course:Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices:Accelerated 200-125 (CCNAX)

Course Highlighting Features:

This is the most important course covering both ICND1 and ICND2. It leads to proficiency in the following field of networking: designing the LAN (Local Access Network) switch and IP (Internet Protocol) router, configuration of WAN (Wide Area Network).The major part of the training is to cover the IPv4 and IPv6 along with the configuration of security protocols.

  • CCNA Security

Training course:Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS)

Course Highlighting Features:

The course aids in the establishment of the security infrastructure. This includes the fundamental concepts of Web security and encryption of Virtual Private Network (VPN), and prevents the disturbance and distortion along with secure access to the network.

You have to use authentic practicing labs exercise to get profound knowledge for deployment of security protocols with an assurance of distortion and interference prevention.


  • CCNA Cloud



Training courses: Understanding CiscoCloud Fundamentals(CLDFND) and Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM)

There are two courses for the CCNA Cloud certification that helps the IT professional to work in an active and effective manner to increase the network business setup.

  1. CLDFND: As the name implies, this course help the CCNA 200-125 certified professional get profound knowledge ofbasic cloud computingmodeling. This training course is focused on developing concepts of essential constituents of cloud computing such as storage and network of computer.
  2. CLDADM: This course provides major knowledge of administration and management of different protocols within the cloud computing. Along with the administration, it gives surety of cloud monitoring and organization, providing thorough checking report and keeping the balance within the cloud protocol.

Additional Courses:

For building, designing, automating and implementing the cloud computing technology. there are following training courses available:

  1. CLDACIaids in building the Cisco Cloud via infrastructure.
  2. CLDDESprovides help in designing procedures for Cloud Computing.
  3. CLDAUTtrains in the automation of Cisco Cloud Protocols.
  4. CLDINFdeals with profound knowledge of cloud computing infrastructure.



  • CCNA Cyber Ops


Training courses: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals (SECFND): eLearning and instructor led training and Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations (SECOPS): eLearningand instructor led training

The certified professionals are deployed in security center as a Cyber Security Analyst.

The training courses available for the CCNA Cyber Ops certification are:

  1. SECFND:This course facilitates the trainer to get familiar with the fundamental concept of security protocols.
  2. SECOPS:This course facilitates the trainer to get familiar with the principles of security operations.
  • CCNA Collaboration

Training courses:Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD) || Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices, Part 1 (CIVND1) and Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices, Part 2 (CIVND2)

Course Highlighting Features:

The CCNA Collaboration is the crux of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the installation and configuration of VoIP along with teleconference with secure network connection coverage.

This training course is extensively completed by such professionals as IP Telephony Administrator, Collaboration Engineer, IP Network Engineer, Network Video Engineer to get prepared for the CCNA 200-125 Collaboration certification.

  • CCNA Service Provider

Training courses: Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1 (SPNGN1) and Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2 (SPNGN2)

Course Highlighting Features:

These courses providedetailed knowledge of recent advancement of networking protocols along with the training for installation, complete debug toolkit for troubleshooting and network management service provider.


  • CCNA Data Center


Training courses: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) and Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies (DCICT)

Course Highlighting Features:

The training courses imply dexterity in the data source application with deployment of infrastructure of efficient data center, virtualization of networks, and management of unified computing technology.


  • CCNA Industrial


Training course: Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies (IMINS2)

The candidates should be able to distinguish the basics of network and build the local area networks, install the Internet connection and secure it.

This course is extensively completed by an Industrial Plan Administrator, Control Engineer, Network Engineer to get prepared for the CCNA Industrial certification.



Training course:Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals(WIFUND)

This training course aids in the deployment of Wireless LAN without delay with uniform speed. This also provides proficiency in the installation and monitoring of wireless local area networks.


The fatal mistake of students is the underestimation of the training courses’ importance. Due to this fact, the candidates obtain their certs only in 2-3 attempts. But Cisco training courses turn the boring exam preparation into an exciting journey, and allow take the certification tests in first attempt! Regardless of which CCNA 200-125 certification exam you’re preparing, Cisco training courses always make your preparation process efficient and dynamic.


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