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Based in Billingham, North East England, Homes Direct 365 specializes in stylish shabby chic furniture, French furniture, mirrored furniture, and chandeliers. We are only active online, so we do not have a showroom. However, we can help you to achieve a complete home improvement makeover. 

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Our philosophy is that your home should reflect your style and requirements. Whether eating, relaxing, or sleeping, the timeless furniture designs at this online store will brighten your surroundings for years of enjoyment.

Photo by Bilal Mansuri on Unsplash

Add Vintage Charm to Your Home with Shabby Chic Furniture

If you are interested in having high quality home style furniture, then look no further; we have a vast range of contemporary bedroom furniture, dining room, lounge, and industrial furniture. We also stock a vast range of wall mirrors covering many styles, such as shabby chic mirrors, decorative mirrors, French mirrors, modern and contemporary style mirrors, and Venetian. 

By popular demand, we also have some unique and tasteful metal storage cabinets and storage boxes that have been very popular lately, as well as our home bars and wine coolers. Shabby chic furniture combines elegant style with a playful essence. 

Based on antique French furniture, British interior designers first coined the term shabby chic furniture in the early 1980s, resulting in a new, alluring, elegant, and different furniture style. The wood is well-developed. 

At HomesDirect365, shabby chic bedroom furniture blends beautifully with other furniture styles and designs and is easy to mix and match to create your dream space.

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Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

Typically consisting of a vintage and aged look, details used in shabby chic furniture can often be categorized as having a lightly worn or worn/aged look, often consisting of multiple layers of paint.

From shabby chic bedroom furniture to our matching collections, HomesDirect365 offers a wide selection to suit any personal taste, from sleek white Sophia Shabby chic furniture to our gorgeous decorative shabby chic mirrors.

Shabby Chic Beds

We have shabby chic beds and shabby chic nightstands. These chic nightstands are perfect for storing the things you need before bed, and we have other shabby chic furniture. Also, we have shabby chic dressers for storing all the essentials. We also have many more exquisite pieces of furniture to transform your home into a beautiful French wonderland with all the hints and character of French country living.

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Shabby Chic Wardrobes

We have shabby chic wardrobes that are functional and glamorous. Shabby chic furniture can be used in many ways, add a quaint little console table, or take over all the decor and add beautiful shabby chic furniture throughout the room. No matter what you choose, shabby chic furniture is the perfect design choice to refresh your home. 

Have you always wanted a shabby chic wardrobe? We have something for you. Our selection of shabby chic beds, shabby chic nightstands, and shabby chic dressers are just unique!

Shabby Chic Bathroom Furniture

We also have shabby chic style bathroom furniture that is perfect for the modern home and is extremely functional. We have shabby chic bathroom shelves, vanities, and more. We have many lovely items to help you select shabby chic items for your desired style.

We also have shabby chic holders perfect for placing towels after showering, bathing, or even when you want a place to hang or dry your clothes.

We also have antique dressers, shelving, brackets, and bathroom cabinets.

These are all part of our collection of French furniture. Do you like French-style furniture? Think Paris and Baroque, Rococo, etc. Well, this more rustic style reflects the provincial life of Louis XIV and beyond. This style is more rustic but is still elegant. We also have contemporary furniture if that is more your style. 

We have got some beautiful collections and picks for you, so take a look today.

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Shabby Chic Dining Room Furniture

We also have some beautiful chic dining room furniture, from shabby chic display cases to shabby chic console tables. We have chic dining tables and chairs, so you can bring matching shabby chic furniture into your space. These pieces of furniture look great and have a lot of character. The shabby chic dining room furniture elevates the aesthetics of a room, especially when you have a shabby chic dining table set; this is the very definition of luxury and rustic aesthetics.

Our collection of shabby chic round dining tables is great for maximizing your dining space. Imagine a perfect dining experience in a French atmosphere. 

Our collection of Parisian shabby chic dining tables will impress guests repeatedly!

Shabby Chic Sideboard

We have shabby chic sideboards and shabby chic cabinets. These are great for storing wine bottles, plates, and more. Shabby chic is very trendy right now, and it suits any home because it fits various styles.

Shabby chic sideboards are all the rage right now, and you will not be disappointed with our beautiful collections and styles! Why not dine in style with our shabby chic table and chairs?

Shabby Chic Lounge Furniture

We also have shabby chic lounge furniture, which is fantastic and covers everything that makes French country living and surrounding furniture feel good. 

We also have French Shabby Chic seating. Here we have: 

  • Louis XIV-style rattan shabby chic chairs 
  • shabby chic throne seats
  • shabby chic poufs
  • chic lounge chairs, ottomans 
  • shabby chic ottomans

Photo by Bilal Mansuri on Unsplash

Shabby Chic TV Cabinet

Our shabby chic TV stand is super elegant, beautiful, and luxurious. We have a white shabby chic tv stand and a french shabby chic TV stand. The shabby chic TV stand is elegant and very useful. We also have several shabby chic corner TV units and black shabby chic TV stands. Don’t hesitate; we have TV accessories for you.

Shabby Chic Side Table

Our selection of shabby chic side tables is functional. We have round shabby chic side tables and cream shabby chic side tables. We also have gorgeous shabby chic console tables, which come in fantastic shades of cream and white.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Our shabby chic coffee table and shabby chic white coffee table are perfect for morning, evening, or afternoon coffee or a relaxing afternoon tea. We also have shabby chic bookcases and shabby chic display cases.


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