Transitioning Your Home From Winter To Spring

The days are longer and the birds are singing the sweet songs of Spring; it’s time to pack away the remnants of winter and usher in the beauty of new beginnings. Pull out that annual Spring Cleaning to-do list and get started. Of course cleaning windows, curtains, and the patio deck are on this exclusive list, but there are a few important chores you don’t want to overlook. Join us as we walk you through the most important chores of the season, and remember, a tidy home will help with your overall sense of wellbeing!


The air in your home is vital to the health of everyone who enters, therefore, it is important that the vents are free of debris and allergens that can cause adverse health effects. The first thing you’ll want to do is to turn off the heating and cooling unit. Next, get your vacuum and use the hose attachment to collect the dust from the grate. After you’ve vacuumed your grates, feel free to wash them down with some soap and water. Don’t forget about the ceiling grilles during this process. The Environmental Protection Agency has some great information to help you decide whether or not you need to have the actual ducts in your home cleaned.


Spring cleaning presents the perfect reminder to change the air filters in your home, as well. This is an important step to keeping your home cool for those sweltering upcoming months. Filters help to keep dust from blocking the coils that heat and cool the air in your home; if the coils are blocked then your air conditioner may not be able to function at its peak performance. 

Go through your home and check the size of your filters, they come in different sizes so you want to be sure to get the right one when you go to replace them. Consider purchasing a pleated filter, as they will capture more pollutants than the alternative flat filters. Filters are flexible and will easily insert into the space behind your vent. According to experts, replacing a dirty filter can lower your heating and cooling unit’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Air Conditioner

The best part of Spring is the warmer weather. Warmer temperatures will also mean that the air conditioner will need to have it’s annual check and cleaning – usually by a licensed technician from a company like Toronto Refrigeration – to ensure that it is functioning properly. There are three parts of the unit that you will want to pay close attention to: the air conditioning coils, the coil fins, and the condensate drains. The coils, as described earlier, should be free from debris as much as possible. It is suggested by professional appliance experts that any shrubs or foliage be trimmed at least two feet away from the unit. Also, check to make sure that the coil fins are not bent or damaged to ensure proper ventilation. There are several things that you can do yourself to keep your unit in good repair. However, keep in mind that only a professional can check the coolant level of your unit.


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