What is a Tree?

A tree is a woody plant that has a characteristic single woody stem often called a tree trunk, and green foliage made up of several layers of branches that are generally woody in nature and bear flowers and fruits.

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No one can raise a question about the immense benefits that a tree provides us to animals and birds and our environment, just like we take care of ourselves, and our family tree needs attention too. If we do not care about trees, then trees will not be in a position to help us with food, oxygen, and other benefits.

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Doctors look after and take care of us when we are not well; similarly, some special people take care of trees and tend them in many ways.

 Who are the People Who Look After Trees?

Some specialized people know every nerve of trees. These are the people who look and care for their trees as their baby, but they are certified professionals called tree surgeons in everyday language. But officially they are known as Arborists. There is a slight difference between tree surgeons and arborists, and that small difference is educations, which turns out to be a huge difference. For commoners and layman, all people who work with trees are known as tree surgeons. Tree surgeons, though, maybe skilled but do not hold a degree in arboriculture, horticulture, a degree in forestry, and fields related to trees. An arborist studies in detail about the cultivation and management of trees, plants, shrubs, and other perennial woody plants in dendrology or cytology (the scientific research of plants) and horticulture.

Services Offered by Tree Service Providers:

There is a varied number of services that are offered by tree caregivers or arborists. These tree services from include complete tree removal, stump removal, trimming and tree pruning Aurora, clearing and lot clearing, tree surgery, tree topping, tree fertilization, mulching, composting, etc.

Complete Tree Removal– Complete tree removal is done in situations and conditions where the tree poses a potential danger to people, like branching out to electric wires and cables. There are dying and diseased trees that cannot be saved and brought back to life. They may also pose a danger to their surrounding plants and trees, then also tree removal is advised and carried out. Sometimes due to storm and cyclones and other calamities, trees get damaged and become a safety threat to people and property. In this situation, also tree removal process is carried to safeguard the lives of people and their property. It’s genuine advice to hire professionals from Smith’s Tree Removal service as it is one of the oldest and most reliable tree removal companies in your area. They do their job with utmost perfection and satisfaction without disturbing anyone around.

Trimming and Pruning-

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Most people do not give that importance to trimming and pruning that it needs. They try to do trimming and pruning on there and ruin their plants and trees healthy and growing power. Sometimes they do even consider that trimming and pruning are necessary for the overall growth of the plants and trees.

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The procedure of trimming and pruning should be carried regularly to keep your trees healthy and well-groomed. It also helps in the increased production of flowers and fruits along with robust growth because of the removal of diseased and damaged branches(limbs) and thus increasing its beauty and aesthetic value. It also helps in the removal of the growth of branches in irregular directions that results in blocking or obstructing the view of drivers on the streets and cause accidents.

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Trimming regularly ascertain that an adequate amount of sunlight reaches the ground to avoid dampnessTrimming should be done at the right time and in the proper manner to keep the tree healthy. Over pruning and trimming should be avoided. To safeguard all these issues trimming should be carried out by certified arborist and Smith’s Tree Removal service are equipped with the best arborists who give your trees the best possible care while cutting and ensure that your trees grow out into a healthy tree for years.

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Stump Removal– Stump is the lower, basal, or bottom part of a tree left remaining or protruding out from the ground after most of the trunk has fallen or been cut down. The stump should be removed as it may be home to many harmful fungi, creepy insects, and moreover, a dead and decaying stump might not be a pleasant sight to look at in your beautiful premise or property. I gladly suggest you take the excellent and efficient services of Smith’s Tree Removal service to get the stump removed as they are the most efficient and dedicated workers who carry out the task 24×7 all year round with the latest technologies, equipment, and qualified professionals.

Lot Clearing and Grading-Lot clearing and grading are two different activities associated with each other. It takes place when some construction has to be done.

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It could be for a commercial or a residential purpose. Before construction starts, the land has to get cleared off from the natural vegetation that includes all types of plants, trees, shrubs, herbs, etc. the procedure of clearing natural vegetation from the ground is called lot clearing once the site is made with all the natural plant, the field has to be leveled for construction purpose. This leveling of land or area is known as grading. Smith’s Tree Removal Service is a proud company to offer the highest quality land leveling, classification, and clearing services. They use bobcats that helps in the removal of even the most significant features from your property, and once it is done, they also haul it away for you.

Tree Fertilization-Fertilizers are chemicals that provide nutrition to trees and plants for proper growth and health. Fertilizers are used to increase the immunity and resistance of the trees to withstand environmental and climatic stress and safeguard from different diseases and pathogens

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Apart from the above-mentioned services, there are many more services like tree surgery, where the tree is cured when attacked by any fungal or pest infection that eventually leads to different diseases.

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In this process, the diseased and dead branches are surgically removed to ensure safety and health to the trees and plants. At Smith’s no job is small for them and no tree is tall for them.


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