Trending Door Designs For Upgrading Your Home

What is the first thing that your guests notice when they enter your home? Is it your living space with its expensive sofas or the paintings that adorn the wall?

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No! Before all of that comes the first and the most basic element of your house- the door! Impressive Italian design doors can set the tone for the rest of the décor and can give your home a dignified appeal. Maybe Mexican style doors are your kind of thing, whatever the style, 
there’s a door for you.

If you are living in a multi-storied housing society where all the flats are nearly identical, then the door can actually help you stand out. But what qualifies as a classy door, and how to ensure one gets the trendiest design? Well, you have to find the right style of entry door to make your home entrance pop!

Worry not! If you have been planning to upgrade your home, here is the curation of the best door designs for every need:

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The Solid Wooden Designs

Today, be it home or clothing, people are looking for sustainable and practical design options. The Solid wood style is an exact fit in that category. Conceptualized by a famous designer, this style reflects harmony in every sphere. 

While the look is minimalist, the aesthetic appeal of the door makes it stand out in its own way. The door is also highly functional, making it a great choice both for residential and commercial setups. These doors also offer the maximum security

The Frameless Style

If you want to draw in elements from the exterior to the interior or if you want to let in maximum natural light, then the frameless glass door styles are a great match for you. The hinges are of reduced size and barely noticeable, helping you take in maximum natural light without any hindrance.

 Since these doors are completely frameless and full height, you can use them as a partition between spaces indoors. Or you can also use them in the parts of your house that face the porch or the lawn.

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The Orient Inspired Styles

Oriental styles are always popular when it comes to home decor. But using these styles for the doors is a wholly new concept. Designs such as the Mysore and the Delhi style boast of lightness yet elegant beauty that characterize oriental designs. You could use these doors in any of your inner spaces and make them the focal point of your design.

The Metal Doors

Are you looking for maximum security without compromising on the looks of your door?

Then the latest black metal doors from the leading Italian brands are just what you need. Made keeping the security aspect in mind, these doors go through several rounds of checks to ensure that they offer maximum protection. However, unlike the regular metal doors, their designs are equally eye-catching.

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You can use them as your front door, or you can use them in any space where you require maximum security. You can also incorporate highly sophisticated locks into these doors for added protection.

While these are just the most popular ones, a blend of wood and glass and aluminum glass are some of the other options you can try out. Find your ideal match today and give your home a stylish upgrade. 


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