Tricks To Get More Logo Design Clients And Keep Them

Clients are the building blocks of every business out there. Without them, no business can exist. When you choose the creative industry as a freelancer or start your own design agency, you may not have ideas for getting clients.

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Most designers take the business idea off the ground by building their portfolio. It helps a client consider who you are and whether your services are good for them or not. But building a portfolio isn’t enough to let the clients rush toward you!

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So how are you going to get more clients then? Here, we have rounded off a doable list to help you out. Keep reading…

Build an authentic and impressive portfolio 

Yes, we said it earlier. Every designer has a portfolio, so you also need to build a portfolio. It helps the potential clients see what type of designer you are. A portfolio also allows you to demonstrate your skills and creative flair.

Whenever you approach a new client, the first thing they ask is your portfolio. Make sure to add your already finished projects to leave a lasting impression. The more projects you add to your portfolio, the better the impression you make. 

If you’re new in this sphere, you can create a few samples of any company’s logo or design to add to your portfolio. But if you’re experienced, your portfolio must have all the work you have done to date. In addition, you need to take care of one thing — make an authentic portfolio. It should look real, not pseudo. 

Create a website if possible 

At present, every business needs to go online. Likewise, your creative agency also needs to be on the Web. For this, you have to create a website that your target clients can visit and find the exact information they require. An interactive website will appeal to the visitors.

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So make sure your website is creative, user-friendly, and attractive. Do your homework before creating a site, though. Include your past clients’ testimonials, add links to your social media profiles, and optimize your site for SEO. 

You can take the help of a website builder or a professional web developer for this purpose.

Leverage creative marketplaces to your advantage

There are many creative and crowdsourcing marketplaces, such as Designhill, Fiverr, Dribble, and more. You can get registered on any of these platforms, create your profile, and start attracting clients worldwide.

You can participate in various design contests or work with a client on a 1-to-1 basis. It’s better to choose the same category or industry you design for. 

Take advantage of the social media 

At present, a business that doesn’t promote itself on social media is doomed. If you don’t promote your business on social networking sites, clients are least likely to believe in your brand. 

Clients worldwide resort to social media to research the genuineness of a business and products before investing in them. Networking sites have become a direct channel for client and business communication and direct lead generation. 

Setting your account on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter gives you needed exposure. It helps you build credibility, advertise your skills, and attract clients. But for that, you need to make sure you post high-quality content regularly. 

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Ask for recommendations 

If your clients are happy with your services, ask them for recommendations or referrals. Besides, you can set up official affiliate programs or referral programs. 

You may wonder why clients would do such things or don’t want to recommend you. But that’s not the case. Many businesses don’t feel shy to ask their clients for testimonials or recommendations. So if you have done good work or your deliverables meet the clients’ expectations, you can ask them for recommendations. 

This will show that you’re open to meeting new clients, and you appreciate every referral they provide. 

Show your creative flair. 

Nowadays, businesses have adopted a transparent approach to wow their audience. You can do the same by showing your creative process. 

Every designer is blessed with a certain level of creativity. Their work involves various steps before creating their final design. This includes research work, brainstorming, ideation, sketching, illustration, etc.

If feasible, you can create high-quality blogs or articles describing each process with your work. While this would prove beneficial for new designers, clients would know your professionalism and process.

Attend meetups & networking events 

Attending networking events or meetups is one of the preferred ways to build connections. It helps you meet real clients and entrepreneurs who can start a project with you. 

Unlike online networking, real connections nurture a level of trust and help you take your relationship to the next level. Real-life connections also let you ask people for recommendations and feedback that go a long way.

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Create a giveaway campaign 

What special are you going to give to your clients? That question may put you in deep thought. Well, the best way to keep them coming back to you is to plan a free giveaway for lead generation. You can set it up for visitors and ask them their email addresses before entering the giveaway campaign.

You can use those email addresses to create new opportunities for your creative business. So even if it’s a PDF book, don’t mind giving it away for free.


As you can see, there are many ways to attract new logo design clients. But no matter which option you choose, it is important to stay dedicated, focused, and do hard work. Don’t mind reaching out to your friends or corporate partners for recommendations. Build your digital and real-life network to succeed. Whether you design a logo using a logo generator or other software solutions, spreading the word about your process is also helpful. 

Follow these tips and keep working on finding new clients. A focused approach is sure to help you get many logo design clients.

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