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Modern building construction projects are incomplete without a good competent partner. A highly motivated team of experts is desired to complete the project on time. Moreover, a partner with years of experience in various works included such as interior work, drywall, stucco and plaster is required to get the professional results on time. So, on whom to rely in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein for construction project needs? Trust kubau-kiel. Why? Check out why they are the reliable and competent partner in Kiel.

Who is Kubau?

Kubau is an expert provider for all the modern construction needs of today. They are in the industry from 20 years and serving the best expert advice, highest quality solutions and on time delivery of their services in Kiel. Their experienced employees are experts who are well trained in interior works, bricklaying, plaster and special object solutions. They use cutting edge of technology to execute their plans. They are versatile and flexible in serving the customer’s needs. They are experts and better understand a project like no other construction company will do.

Customers can rely on them for fast, qualitative, reliable and economical services. This has made them a powerful construction company. They serve Kiel and its surrounding area with their professional services. 


Their range of services includes drywall, mason, fire protection and interior designing. All the skilled and trained experts at kubau know how to impress their customers with their work. 


The core tasks of this construction company are drywall. This is performed by the modern materials. They also use some of the best and innovative construction techniques for drywall. Thus the quality remains their focus from the beginning of work. The use of innovative techniques ensures time saving and work within the construction budget. They also give free of charge advise at the beginning of project. 

How drywall work is done?

Drywall method is a continuous evolving method. At kubau, the drywall process begins with a set up of a metal structure on which gypsum plasterboard is screwed. No drying phases are involved in modern process this eliminates the waiting time. The modern drywall process that they use offers several advantages for your commercial as well as private construction project. 

  • Best for room design solutions, hanging from ceilings, new room layout, etc…
  • The heat balance of apartment is improved
  • Ensure fire protection 
  • Provide better acoustics


Rely on kubau-kiel for mason related work as they have decades of experience in serving a masonry work in north. They build single family house, new building, terraced houses and even repair or rehabilitate them through their expert bricklaying techniques. Numerous customers rely on them as they are successful in their mason and bricklaying work. They have experts for interior and exterior walls, professionals for foundation creations and renovate, remodel or repair a building as well. Their experts are ready for any constructional project and support them with state of the art services and materials. They serve solution oriented and success oriented services at any time to their customers.

Interior construction

The interior construction services by kubau-kiel are served on time and in a cost effective manner. The interior designing services covers almost everything except the building’s shell or a room. The craftsmen from company will come to work on the interiors of a buildupbodyshell. The drywall services, plumbing and electrician services for interior fittings are served in cost effectively manner by their partner companies. So, nothing to be worried, kubau will take care of your every construction needs right from the floors, wall, painting and varnishing, ceiling cladding, spatula and plaster work, door frames installation and more. 

They serve modern designing solutions for your modern construction projects and that to be qualitative as well. The interior services are offered at lucrative price as well which guarantees a carefree and economical construction of a building. 

Fire protection

The modern fire protection services by kubau offers:

  • Channel clothing
  • Fire protection joints
  • Cable ducts
  • Protection of concrete structures and steel as well
  • Fire protection ceiling, concrete ceilings, trapezoidal sheets cladding 
  • Special fire protection solutions as per request
  • Shaft backfilling
  • Smoke protection to tubular doors and normal doors as well
  • Thermal insulation systems, fire protection systems, technical insulation, sound insulation and more

Fire protection is essential for every construction project and as per DIN regulations these must be of best quality. kubau ensures that appropriate solutions and measures are taken to protect your construction at its best. The expert’steam recommends the best and high quality techniques for all your private as well as construction projects. To get the best security kubau is best as their foolproof installation ensure the safety as well as cost reduction with the state of the art materials. They also provide structural fire protection which includes installation of materials that are fire resistant. Every structural measure is well protected by their individual solutions that are economical and qualitative. 

They have specialist partner that know how to protect your building or house from fire. This ensures the noticeable cost saving as well. 

Why kubau?

The services that they offer are of best quality. This is not it, they have partnerships with the company that are also reliable and serve best. The customers don’t have to hire other companies for fire protection, and other work related to fitting and plumbing services. The kubau-kiel has everything well planned and organized for customers. They can share their ideas and plans with them before beginning the project. Moreover, the timely delivery is ensured. They also engage in regular discussions with their expert teams related to the improvement in projects. 

They are known for their best, economical and competent services in Kiel. So, for free consultation contact them today. Get their free advice for your new project. If you need a survey of your project then place a request on their website and get the timely assistance. They will estimate the complete cost of project and guide you what better can be done as well.

So, hire kubau and get the best services on time. 


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