Tumble Weed by Carmela Bogman, Attractive Free-Floating Stool

Nominated for the Frame Moooi Award 2013, Tumble Seed is a stool with a creative design, which is constantly looking for balance as we strive to find the right balance in our everyday lives, thing that many times proves to be difficult. With a quite unusual yet original looking shape for a chair, this free-floating stool would definitely draw attention anywhere you would place it: at home or at the office.


Dutch designer Carmela Bogman thought to envision this stool to complement both your exterior or interior design, it’s flower seed shape being made of a combination of eight brushed aluminium strips and modified wood. Fixed together ingeniously, the Tumble Weed seems like moving in the wind and its subtle colouring  is a reference to the beautiful flower that can grow from it and is an inspiration for a new and bright future. It can easily be lifted and moved to another place because of it’s lightweight sustainable design. Tumble Seed is a design of Carmela Bogman, under the authority of MN/Art Partner.





Photos © Anouk de Kleermaeker


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