Francis is a foreigner who recently moved to Dubai for work. He is in search of a house to rent. He doesn’t know what to expect from the landlord.

He has been advised by top Real Estate agencies in Dubai on a few things to expect as well as the roles he has to play if he wants to have a smooth relationship with his future landlord. 

The advice they gave him is what we would be listing here for you. They are UAE landlord tips every potential tenant should know. Moreover, as an added incentive, you won’t find these tips on other websites. 

So, for the foreigners who are new in Dubai or citizens who are don’t know these tips, here are some secret landlord tips:

1. Rent increase protection: 

Some laws protect tenants against landlords, increasing their rent from the blues. In 2007, the government of Dubai placed restrictions on the increase in rent for the first two years. For Francis, if he rents one of the Bluewater apartments or Arabian Ranches 3 villas, Dubai, he has no worries about increment in the house rent within his first two years. Although these laws have been reviewed, a rent increase calculator has been developed to guide renters and landlords. Furthermore, the landlord must give the tenant 90 days prior notice before he can affect a rent increase.

2. Evictions can’t just happen: 

For example, if Francis’s landlord wants to evict him from the house in the event there was a bridge of contract, the landlord must give the tenant a year notice before the eviction. 

3. Fixing the repairs: 

Depending on the landlord-tenant agreement Francis signed before renting the house, he isn’t supposed to carry our significant repairs while the tenants can fix the minor issues. On some contracts, however, some clauses require the tenants to make repairs of AED1000. Tenants can negotiate the degree of repairs that need to be fixed.

4. Procedure for rent payment: 

Unscrupulous Real Estate agents wont to want to swindle tenants during periods of scarcity. Some ask for upfront payment before they show the tenant the homes. If the house Francis wants to rent is among the new projects by DAMAC, he might be asked by the landlord to pay for the year in the form of a signed, post-dated check. He has the right to negotiate with the landlord to pay in three to five checks; it isn’t against the law.

The above tips are some of the landlord tips you won’t find on other networks. For a healthy landlord-tenant relationship, adhering to the rules of the land and the agreements on the signed contract would ensure you a safe and smooth renting process.


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