Unconventional Minimalist Tables

Shape, material or rotating – whatever the elements of differentiation, these minimalist tables are anything but trivial, no!


designed by Karim Rashid for design furniture manufacturer Amr Helmy Designs Egyptian, completely made of Corian.

Is an innovative concept by combining two functions – table and chairs – in a surprising contemporary solution. source: amrhelmydesign

minimalist table


is a versatile piece of furniture, which change shape and, consequently, and available surface with a simple return to 360 degrees balls attached to a central shaft. Table designed for Kristalia  by Bartoncini Luciano, is available in many finishes and colors. source:kristalia



designed by Silvia Bradshaw is a combination of flat and curved surfaces cause the creation of exquisite shadows, bringing dynamism to drab living spaces. This piece of furniture rely on an angled and elongated semicircular support, attached to the tabletop in an enchanting asymmetry. designer: Silva Bradshaw

minimalist design

minimalist design

4. SOL

gleaming like the sun has a special style for ones who admire unconventional furniture. The high gloss chrome vats are the carrying elements and simultaneously avoid a direct contact of both glass elements to each other and the floor. The elaborately honed glass of this set table designed by Benjamin Hanne catches every beam of light and reflects it in multiple ways. source: dreieck-design



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