Unique and Unconventional Folding Chair from Shiny Hammer

Plee Chair is the latest product launched by Shiny Hammer under the signature of French designer Samuel Aguiar. It’s an unconventional folding chair which attracts everyone’s attention by its bright silver color and unique design. It’s the kind of chair that revolutionizes the folding chair by improving its look. Handmade in France and signed with a blazon, this trendy chair offers a distinct touch to modern interiors and those handcrafted to perfection. Its uniqueness come from the manufacturing process itself developed by Shiny Hammer known as C.I.M., a rough yet sophisticated bending process which make the final result to be unpredictable, but controlled. This beautiful Pee Chair (pee plee is phonetic french for folded) is made out of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and foam, offering options of two finishes to meet individual tastes which includes brushed as well as polished aluminium. Timeless furniture piece, it creates instant seating areas and can be stored nicely when it isn’t used.

Photos: © Shiny Hammer.

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