Upgrading your Kitchen for Family Events

Whenever family and friends come over, we naturally gravitate to the kitchen. We eat and drink, we gossip, we connect and tell stories, all in the most familiar of places in the home. Sometimes our kitchens cannot accommodate the amount of activity taking place. Either they are too small or we need newer appliances. A full-scale kitchen remodeling could be in order. So, let’s discuss a few options.

Upgrade the Cabinets

Overall, the easiest job to tackle is upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Over time our cabinets age and don’t hold up as well. Upgrading to new cabinets revitalize your kitchen space and update the look that will impress your guests. Consider opting for warm woods like walnut to create the perfect warm setting.

New Appliances

Now is the time to look around at your appliances and consider updating what you own. Perhaps the refrigerator cannot hold enough food for entertaining. Or your stove takes a little too long to heat up, causing you to have to work harder to get your food prepared. Maybe the microwave is a tad too big for the counter. Replacing these items can allow for you to gain more storage space, create less work, and take up less space.

Building a New Breakfast Bar

Adding a breakfast bar into your kitchen can be a real gift when you have a large number of guests visiting. Adding extra counter space for more trays of food, places for drinks, and extra seating will allow for more people to visit with you. When it’s just you and a couple of other people, it provides you with an intimate spot for plenty of secrets to be shared.

Take the Cooking Outdoors

While we often consider grilling out during family gatherings, have you considered building an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchens feature a gas grill, counter space, and cabinets. It will provide you a space to prepare the meal, cook the meal, and have all utensils handy so that you don’t have to spend all your time running in and out. Opting for an island style will allow for your family and friends to gather on one side and you can still interact with them while preparing a meal.

Don’t Forget Your Other Gathering Areas

Once you have your kitchen remodeled to your liking, consider upgrading all your other gathering places. In your living room or den, consider creating the perfect viewing space with a large screen TV and recliners. Include a small kitchen area to store snacks and beverages so you don’t miss one moment of The Big Game or intense moment in a horror flick.

Outside you can put together a lovely fire pit within a large gazebo for night time gatherings. Featuring mosquito netting to protect yourself during hot summer nights that can easily be swapped out for heavier fabrics in the winter. It will be a great place to gather, roast marshmallows, and reconnect with each other in the quiet of night.

Remodeling your kitchen and other rooms in your home, can truly help you entertain your guests easier. Often these are easy and quick projects that won’t take too much time and can easily be added into your existing budget. Additionally, these remodels can add substantial value to your home if you decide to move in the future. It’s an investment well worth your time and energy!


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