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After working as a Senior Content Writer in a private firm in Delhi, I decided to try my hands into digital marketing. Since Digital Marketing and Content writing are very closely connected to each other, so it was easy for me to switch my field. After getting a Post Graduate Degree in Digital Marketing, I wanted to join a big firm at a better post and salary.

I was busy sharing my CV over various job portals and contacting different countries across the country to get a better Job offer.

After a lot of brain blasting job hunts, I got a call from a very renowned company in Mumbai. The salary was quite good and the post was also as per my wish. I was happy to get the offer and I without thinking a lot decided to give them a positive reply.

They provided me with everything they promised, a fully furnished house, a company car and all other facilities which were enough to tempt me for this job. After receiving my approval over the job, soon I received the mail with the joining date.

I reached Mumbai and was happy to find the accommodation with all the basic amenities but there was something missing and I needed to fulfil that missing factor. The house was not well organised and I as an art lover always want everything to be well planned and well designed. So to design the interiors of my house, I needed one of the best Interior Designers in Mumbai.


Since, I was new to Mumbai and I knew least about the city, finding a professional interior Designer in the city was going to be a tough task. Due to my extra friendly nature, I had soon befriended few of my neighbours and my colleagues. So, in order to avoid any kind of mistake, I asked them to help me find one of the best Interior Designers in Mumbai.

When I was so much busy struggling with the contacts I got from various websites, a colleague of mine came and asked me that why I was looking so tensed. I told him everything about my place and asked him if he can help me find a professional Interior Designer, so that I can change the interiors of my home. He agreed but asked me for a party after the designing of my home. I promised him I will but only if he gets me the Best Interior designer who will be able to get me the best results as per my wishes. He agreed.

UrbanClap came as the saviour for me

As Vishal promised me that he would help me, he helped me in the best manner he could have. He just asked me to open the play store on my android device. At first, I was looking at him with lot of questions in my eyes, but when he insisted I opened the app on my device. He asked me to search for the UrbanClap app on Google Play Store. I typed UrbanClap in the search area and clicked on the download button. Thanks to the Idea 4G network for getting me the app on my device in few seconds only. He told me to fill the details in the required area, so that I can get myself registered on the app. It just took another few seconds to get registered on the app, after which I searched for the best Interior Designers in Mumbai and I was very happy to see a very long list of Interior Designers in Mumbai.

But again I looked into Vishal’s eyes asking what to do now? He just gave a sly smile and told me to filter the contacts on the basis of the ratings and reviews they have already received from their previous clients. This was very helpful for me in deciding the best among the all listed Interior designers. He told me that all the professionals here are very good at their work and they never let their clients get bothered or compromise with their own wishes. Hearing such words from Vishal was such a relief for me. Now I was feeling a bit relieved and tension free.

How to find the Best Interior Designers from UrbanClap?

I think this is the most frequently asked questions among all. After all, there are many such applications and websites which guarantee to provide you the best service providers, but sometimes due to the lack of correct information and correct procedure to use the application they land up for the worst service providers. UrbanClap till now is the best application which is beautifully bridging the gap between the needful service seekers and the skilled and professional service providers.


You can easily find the best Interior Designers in Mumbai from the UrbanClap app. You just need to be a bit conscious while going through the ratings and reviews of each service provider which they received from their previous clients. After comparing the reviews and ratings, you can send them personal e-mails or call them asking them for their price quotes and Portfolios. Within no time you will start receiving their price quotes and portfolios. You can review their portfolios to finalise the one you need.

I and Vishal too reviewed a lot of portfolios and finally we decided upon one professional whose work seemed to be very satisfying. We called them and asked him to come for a face to face meeting.He was just at time and he showed few more works of his team, which was seriously brilliant.

Why UrbanClap?

After looking into his detailed portfolio, within no time we finalised him for the interior designing of my home. As he promised, everything was awesome about his work. I didn’t have to tell him a single thing, he just did everything in the same manner I wished it to be and I was so happy with his psychological understandings and his professional work. UrbanClap indeed proved to be the best service providing app and I really want to thank UrbanClap and its whole team as they got me the best among all the interior designers in Mumbai. I owe a big thanks and a treat to my colleague turned best friend Vishal who just let me know about this awesome application.

Mr. Abhijeet Komarajju and his whole team from 4square Realtors are the best Interior designing team you can find in Mumbai. They are not just good rather they are excellent in their work and they can make any simple home a paradise. They ponder all your likes and dislikes while planning and designing your place. The whole team of 4square Realtors are highly recommended by me and Vishal both, to everyone who is planning to get his or her home designed in the way they want. They will bring life to all your imaginations and will make your home a more beautiful place to live in. Thanks a ton to Abhijeet and his whole team for making my home a paradise. Also a great thanks to the UrbanClap team.


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