Use of IMO and Necessity of Privacy for Teens

A few years ago people thought that their kids are not safe, the modern age has brought more problems, smartphones and social apps are giving more access to your children. IMO instant messaging is one of the leading social Apps in the current world. Teenagers become mutant while using this particular app; they spend most of their time doing voice calling, sharing video content to their friends and even to those whom they don’t know in the real world. This kind of attraction with the social sites may cause some serious problems among teenagers, some of IMO freaks acknowledge that when they are not using this app, we feel that we are on a diet or we had attempted to quit smoking. IMO obsession may cause some lethal health issues among teenagers; it’s the parents who should realize what sort of secrecy they should make to protect their kids.

Is secrecy essential for teens while using IMO Messenger?

Guide your kids don’t acquaintances they don’t know:

Parents should guide their teen when they are using instant messaging, don’t make relationships they don’t know yet in the real world. Tell them don’t send or receive the request from an unknown person. The extensive Contacts list is worthless, make friends whom you trust in the real world.

Stop teens for ineffective communication on IMO:

Parents often realize that their teens were making useless conversation with their friends, tell them the conversations should have some objective. Most of the teens have the habit of telling their friends, am eating, am traveling, am buying and much more. Teach them time is money don’t waste it. Put your effort in genuine thing to get some reward from it.

Warn your teens don’t share or view sexual content:

Most of the teens share some videos while doing this; they may tend towards sexual content. So, warn them to stay away from adult content and don’t share videos related adultery. Most of the teens don’t tell their parents regarding inappropriate content. It is the parents who can keep an eye on their kids with the help of modern phone spy software available in the market. Spy software enables the parent to keep an eye on their children and their activities with the schedule.

Don’t allow your underage teen:

Make some rules in your house and ensure your every child to obey your rules otherwise, there will be some consequences. Don’t allow your child who is underage because IMO messenger app may cause some serious issues to their young teens. Another idea to protect your kids while online is using a Vpn, as explained in this blog post here 

There are many different VPN providers to choose from – that’s why these VPN reviews can be very helpful when it comes to choosing the perfect one for your child.

Give your teen a friendly environment:

Most of the teens don’t share anything related to their relationships with their friends and their other private issues. So they prefer online friends to discuss their needs and desires and problems to their friends they felt they are losing with them. So, parents should realize they should be the priority regarding friendship of their teens. So behave friendly with your teens, they will tell you everything you want to hear from them.

Encourage them to spend more time face to face with their friends:

Tell they should devote more time with their friend face to face. Do some fun in real life make friends whom they know in real life and do interaction with their neighborhoods? Encourage them for extra- curricular activities like sports. They will automatically realize that doing chit chat all the time on IMO is just waste of time.

Guide your child what is meant by cyber bullying?

Being parents, it is your duty to protect your child and give them an environment where your child can understand the norms and values as well as how to stand in this particular world. If your teen is using an IMO social app, you should teach him or her about cyberbullying and what precautions your child can make if someone is doing the cyber bullying.

Aline Carrara is a digital parenting expert and writer at TheOneSpy Blog. She is a keen observer of digital media and latest technology and its effects in young generations. Her work on “why do cyberbullies indulge in cyberbullying” got a huge popularity over the internet. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @AlineCarrara7


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