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Glitter wallpaper is hugely popular with interior designers, home owners, and business owners alike. As the demand and popularity increases for Sparkly wallpaper, interior designers are constantly sourcing the latest Glitter products to give customers the most up to date designer wallpaper for their home or place of work. There are various styles of premium quality Glitter wallcoverings. Two of the most popular are: Sparkle & Stardust and Glitter holographic wallpaper, these are available in various colours.

Printed onto high quality wallpaper, Glitter holographic wallpaper is a smooth textured wallpaper with a 3D Holographic Glitter print. It looks like sparkly Glitter on the wall but feels smooth to the touch with a twinkling Metallic finish. It catches the light like Glitter and would look great on the wall wherever you would like a sparkling twinkle effect. This is the lower price option and for those on a budget who still love Glitter wallpaper, then this is the perfect alternative for your walls.

Glitter _wallpaper_facts

Sparkle and stardust glitter wallpaper is a textured paper with grains of glitter making up the design. The difference between sparkle and stardust is in the grain size. Sparkle has larger glitter grains and stardusts’ are finer grains for a more subtle effect. This is a more established range and come in over 70 colours.

Incorporating Glitter Wallpaper into your home or business

Glitter wallpaper can be used however you wish and can subtly (or not so subtly!) bring a room to life, adding sparkle and glamour. A persons surroundings can affect their mood and create a sense of pride and happiness, or the opposite if the décor is not to their taste. Using colours and designs you can create whatever ambiance that you wish. It may be a sense of relaxation and happiness, or even a party feel for an entertaining room. Glitter wallpaper has the added bonus of interesting texture and sparkle, along with a large range of colours to choose from. Different effects can be created with a combination of lighting, colour and the amount of wallpaper used.

Whether you are decorating your home, salon, club or restaurant, with the right colour you can create the most perfect style. Hot for the moment is using Glitter on your feature wall or chimney breast.

See a few examples below to hopefully inspire you!Glitter_wallpaper_facts1

Childrens bedroom
A hugely popular choice for the use of glitter wallpaper is in a childs bedroom. Children often love glitter and anything shiny and pretty.  You can buy wallpaper in the favourite colour your child to keep them happy and to create a good environment for them to grow up in. In the example above you can see the beautiful effects created when a full wall has been covered with gold glitter wallpaper.Glitter_wallpaper_facts

Its not just childrens rooms you could use the power of glitter in. See this example of glitter wallpaper being used in a babys room. Only a small section of wall is covered, which may suit those who do not like their décor to be too over the top. This room has quite a gentle approach to creating an interesting and more unique interior without too much contrast or pattern.

Our final example is of something a little different. There are a wide variety of different commercial premises that glitter wallpaper can be used in. If matched with accessories, you can create the right tone to appeal to new customers or, depending on the business, appeal to the correct target audience.  Bars or shops amongst others can benefit from the glitter look. In the photograph shown, deep pink glitter is used to create a bright and creative look in a salon. Anyone wanting to visit the hairdressers is likely to feel more comfortable and even pay more money in a well decorated environment. There is no need in most cases to keep colours neutral and subtle and you will probably want to give your business a memorable and unique look.  Passers by may even judge your salon by how well it is decorated. Keeping décor fresh and clean is important for gaining new custom.

Bio –Visit the to view a range of over 70 colours of glitter wallpaper and a wide selection of other styles and brands.


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