Using Schema and Data Structure Is One Way to Increase Site Traffic

The schema or structure of the data does not in itself increase the traffic to your website; But search engine crawlers can easily find and index your pages. Another benefit of using Schema for SEO is that it can lead to richer snippets for the site, which increases the click-through rate.

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Don’t Forget the Internal Links

Your website linking strategy is not limited to the number of sites that link to you; This issue is also affected by internal links. So, when writing and publishing content, pay attention to the internal links related to the text and the links you put between the paragraphs, and use every opportunity to place an internal link. 

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This not only helps your site SEO, but also provides a better user experience for the audience. And you saw how much we mentioned the importance of user experience in the previous sections. So be sure to do this correctly.

Interviews With Successful Leaders Are One Way To Increase Site Traffic

Leaders and thinkers do not mean to choose very famous and great people. People who you think have had an interesting life, are inspiring or have something to say are good choices. Of course, along with these people, also target celebrities. Create and send emails requesting interviews with these people. 

Conduct the interview in the best and most engaging way possible and publish it on your blog or website. The names and credentials of these people will not only increase your website traffic, but also the interviewee will share the content and expand its reach.

Do Not Neglect Email Marketing

Many businesses that focus buy website traffic and on real customer acquisition through content marketing often forget about more traditional methods such as email marketing. Email marketing is a powerful tool and launching a mediocre campaign can lead to significant traffic. Just be careful not to send spam emails and only send emails to people who have willingly provided you with their emails and would like to be informed of the latest news and new products. 

In addition, do not underestimate the power of word of mouth; Especially people who have already bought your products or services and are satisfied with it. Sending a friendly email and reminders about a new service or product can also help increase traffic.

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Website Optimization for Mobile and Tablet

Gone are the days of working with the Internet on PCs and computers, and now many people use cell phones to search the Internet and surf social networks. If your strategies are such that users are forced to use only computers, then you should limit more traffic and sales. Even if your website is very basic, you need to make sure it is accessible and visible on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

High Speed Site to Increase Traffic

Ever had to wait 30 seconds for a page to load? I have no such experience! Because when I do not expect all this at all, and if I see that all this time is wasted to load a page, I completely block that page and close its tab. 

You probably have the same experience and do not have a good memory of it. Speed ​​up your website to create a good experience for your site visitors and not miss them. Also make sure your pages are technically optimized; This means that the size and volume of the images are appropriate, and the page structure and function of the plugins are appropriate. The faster your site is, the more benefits you get! In all respects!

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Build Social Groups and Associations

Usually, people like to express their opinions and discuss the topics they are passionate about. So, creating a forum on the site is a great way to start a discussion and increase site traffic. You can even use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and pave the way for comments. Create a dedicated forum so that visitors can ask questions. You can do anything to make users feel comfortable and express their opinions on your site. In this case, they will show more interest in your website and will visit it regularly.

Acting In the Comments Section Is One Way to Increase Site Traffic

As a business owner and a website, you probably also visit other sites. So why not take this opportunity? Commenting on topics you read about and have little information about puts your name on the tongues. 

This may not get you to more traffic very quickly, but it does make users familiar with you. In this way, you will gradually receive more visits. Just remember; Just as it is important to write relevant, high quality Targeted website traffic content for guest posting, it is best to comment on reputable sites and interact with people. And never copy spam links in the comments section of unrelated sites!


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