Vaping Hacks: Every Vaper Must Know the Tricks

No one wants to invest in a vape to enjoy a fantastic evening while vaping and end up with a dull experience. Come on; you want it to be fun and memorable every time you get your vape.

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But how can you have such an experience if you don’t know the tricks of the game? Don’t worry now; you have come to the right place as this article will be showing you some of the most amazing tricks every cool vaper should know. 

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As a vaper, you also have a personality trait common with many other vapers, which is why you are reading this article. You are curious and seeking ways to get the enormous clouds from your vape. Here are some hacks that will thrill you as you vape: 

Blowing the Os

A classic hack never goes out of style, and that is why Blowing Os has remained evergreen. You will need some practice time, but it is worth it, especially when you showcase it before your friends. 

Take a long drag and keep it trapped in your throat, then place your tongue at the bottom part of your mouth while pushing the back of it into your throat. As long as your replacement vape coil is strong to handle this, you are good.

THE “O” will appear, and you can position your lips to perfect the shape. Then push the vapor through your lips like a quick push (it will seem like you are coughing). Remember that the push needs to be quick to achieve the “O.” A truly remarkable and classic hack. 

The French Inhale

French Inhale is as simple as the typical French man. Take a drag and allow the smoke to remain in your mouth. Then open your mouth so the smoke freely flows out, but you wouldn’t be exhaling. As it flows, inhale with your nose and get that spicy and fun French Inhale. 

The Waterfall style 

This is a fancy hack, and you will need a water bottle containing frozen water at the bottom (yes, I know you wonder what’s with the props, but hold on and find out). Then take a drag and exhale the vapor into the water bottle. The water in the bottle will make it possible for the smoke to become thicker, and you can pour it out from the bottle, just like a waterfall. 

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A Vape Bubble

For this fun hack, you will need some items: a tube (anyone will do), soap, water, and a homemade bubble wand. Get a long drag in and hold your bubble wand close, then blow. The vapor will get into the bubble, looking relaxed and making you feel like Harry Potter and his magic wand. 

Bull Ring 

The Bull ring is for the vaper who is curious about trying daring tricks. Are you ready? This trick will be like getting a septum piercing, but this time without any pain. To achieve the Bull ring, you must first perfect your O’s. 

Blow a medium-sized ring and lean towards it while inhaling with your nostrils. By doing this, you will suck the ring towards your nose, making it appear like a bull ring. Again, you need to practice your timing and position your lips: trying in front of the mirror will be very helpful. 

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The Jellyfish hack

Okay, this is a doozy hack you will love even though it is not easy. It may be hard at first, but when you get it right, you will love it! So, this trick enables you to create a vapor jellyfish that swims through the air. You will have to release O’s to achieve this and get a good hang of the clouds. 

You can achieve this by getting a long drag and releasing the large and thick O ring. After getting the ring, immediately take another hit and breathe out the vapor within seconds through the center of the ring. At this stage, the smoke will be pushed out and can flow like a jellyfish. 

The Rubber Band Tricks 

Sometimes bits get stuck, and things can get stuck, especially if you are using a vape at varying times of the day. If the vape tank is wedged in the mod or the tank gets stuck together, don’t panic! If you are home, you can get a plier and gently bring your vape back. 

But assuming you are not home and need to use your vape in such a situation, here is what you can do. Get some thick rubber bands, then wrap one of the bands (maybe two pieces). By doing this, you will get enough hold and pull to use your vape again.  

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When you vape as a beginner, it feels like you know it all, and it has a very incredible experience. But remember that the level of fun you can have with your cannabis and vape increases with every new trick you learn. Make it a habit of unraveling fun vape hacks so you don’t get used to the same boring routine. 

Vaping is just too much of a fun substance for any user to stick to one routine. More so, the flavors and exhilarating feeling you get with each new hack take your vaping experience to another Dimension.


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