Vintage Bathroom Renovation

Once divas bathing in tubs with curved legs and gold taps, admiring their face in front of a crystal mirrors, passing on valuable floor and surrounding themselves by scented candles. If you dream about vintage bathroom renovation, nothing prevents you from creating appropriate setting.There is no secret that vintage fashion reappear, both in terms of clothes and the interior decorations And if everyone runs after vintage clothes, why not give as much importance also to furniture, accessories and retro fabrics, when we decorate the house?Over the last few decades, renovating has often meant out with the old and in with the new. Not surprisingly, kitchens and bathrooms have been subject to the most rigorous ‘updating,’ and tend to be the rooms that most show the march of the decades. The bathroom often presents the biggest challenge in a period renovation and sometimes the best way to achieve a modern look is about how to use old style design.If you are interested in vintage style bathroom renovation, you should know that the new vintage -style bath proves that a key element in undertaking sympathetic renovations is to not necessarily duplicate the past, but to borrow from it, evoke the mood of it and, at the same time, not sacrifice modern amenities. The challenge, of course, is to keep things from looking dated or kitschy.

Every detail is important. Retro-modern bathroom design should be comfortable and inviting. Take a look at these guidelines for creating a bathroom that’s timeless, not time-warp.

  •      Retro bathrooms are opulent, elegant, refined and very attractive, like the bathroom were another room of the house with nothing less than a bedroom or living room. And then if you fail, failure is easier to hide, if hosted by a bathroom. To find, choose and to fit together retro elements is not at all easy, but the result will be as labor.
  •   The main elements are faucets, wood, wrought iron, male colors, details of metal and fabrics with a hint of old.
  •   For a vintage bathroom “by the book” should be thinking about walls covered with wood paneling or wallpaper imitating wood and a luxurious wallpaper. Unfortunately, these don’t get along too very well with moisture which is characteristic of this room, so you have to find resistant alternatives. You can use tile successfully tile in a vintage bathroom, as long as you choose carefully. We need to imitate wood or wallpaper in dark colors and retro patterns. As for the floor tiles, to follow the same idea: long board, in dark colors that mimic wood or stone.

  • Bath tub should be the main attraction of the bathroom. But what is a vintage tub? It’s a piece of furniture itself which requires no embellishment or accessory. It will be placed in the middle, as it’s the main piece. For it will be the first to attract attention, the bath tub should be really retro. When we choose other elements, we can make small compromises, but not allowed to fall out of the current remembered. The most beautiful are the feet fall retro metal with rounded upper edges of the outside and rounded ends are higher than the sides, of acrylic materials. Of course, the original ones are cast iron, as manufactured in the nineteenth century. In terms of color and design you can use whatever you want.

  • Regarding bathroom sink, at one point in history, bathroom sink functioned as vanity with a large mirror, framed, supported it. Framework was made of wood with intricate carvings, while the sink bowl porcelain was authentic, whether white or decorated with arabesques and patterns characteristic of Chinese porcelain. Today, you have two versions to choose: whether you go on a large sink which includes storage and countertop use as vanity or choose a small foot or metal framework.
  • When it comes to toilet, wea don’t hve too many options. We have to choose between WCs large, massive, with carved patterns, but very expensive and small, simple, not stand out at all. The second choice seems most convenient, that does not require too much investment or lengthy searches. You can use a normal toilet bowl, small enough and simple enough to not attract attention, combined with wood or plastic cover in the color of other elements in the room. Preference is usually placed in tall tanks with DU Close.

  • Add one or two bodies hanging from either wood or metal shelves to look as close to the tub and sink. If space allows, you can add a cabinet or closet with the retro look of wood in its own right, which will be the storage of towels and bathrobes.
  • Finally, not to forget the vintage taps, the accessories and the wall’s colors and that tell a lot. Pay attention to accessories such as toilet paper holder and towels, glasses and toothbrush toothpaste, soap. All must be born in the same style, different designs can ruin all your work.

In retro style decorating bathroom has no limits. Vintage style bathroom design ideas, furniture, fixtures, accessories, lamps and colors bring unique and pleasant accents into modern homes, evoke sentimental feelings and memories. Inspire yourself and don’t forget: old means trendy!


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