VINTAGE Wallpaper Collection by Hemingway Design

Home’s finishing is the most important in creating the perfect design. Whether we talk about flooring, paint, tiles or wallpaper, the choice of quality products and top design is essential for the final look of our home. Wallpaper is one of the finishing products essential in creating the interior designof a room, and as a decorative product, it returned to be the designer’s favourite from year 2000 offering thousands of decorative wall solutions. It has standing to highlight a room and to correct construction defects. Choosing wallpaper is an important step in creating your space personality and it must be kept in mind the style we want to approach in arranging. For example, for a house with a classic design, we can opt for a linear themed wallpaper, or vintage. Vintage wallpaper embraces inspiring patterns from past decades full of history and bring to our home design that spark characteristic of the fabulous golden days. It’s a style that today has gained more powerl than ever, being very popular. Here we want to show you a collection of four attractive wallpaper designs which may help you in decorating in vintage style.  Very elegant and stylish, “VINTAGE”  is a designer collection signed by Hemingway Design which celebrates great British creativity across the decades. It’s a collection lauched in partnership with Graham&Brown. The four designs takes inspiration from four different decades, each one with its own distinct graphic design style and appealing color palette. Look at these gorgeous vintage-inspired wallpapers and tell us which pattern is your favourite. You can buy from Graham&Brown.


1. Deco Diamond: Enamel – Inspired by 1930s glamour, this art-deco pattern takes its cue from the decade’s emerald onyx ornaments and enamel kitchenware.


 2. Do the Stretch: Mean – From glamour rock stars to science fiction mania, the 70s was the decade of space odyssey. Embracing a bold design and groovy colors, “Do the Stretch” shocases graphic design style in an earthy color palette.

 3. Loopy Lines – Celebrating all that’s great about the swinging 60s and modern Britain, Loopy Lines is free-flowing and fancy free inspired by the modernist movement.

4. Grid: Rock in Mink – For any mid-century modern fan, Grid combines 1950s graphic print influences with a watercolor palette of soft gray, coral and buttermilk in a fun retro print that was inspired by the classic british ‘caf tables tops of the era.


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