Water Filters for Well Water

Water is a commodity that we take for granted. We are lucky in the USA to have plenty of water for domestic use; other countries in the world are not so lucky. You probably don’t think about where your water comes from if you live in a city or town, but what if you live somewhere further afield? This article is about filtering water that comes out of a well, so if you’re reading this, you probably live somewhere that uses a well for water supply.

It could be a small village or town, or you may be on a remote farm or ranch, but if you use a well, don’t think you’re living in the past: many thousands of homes in the USA are effectively off the grid where water supply is concerned, and will have use a well for many years, perhaps even decades.

Why are we suggesting that you need a water filter for your well water? If you think about it, things make sense. The water in your well has come from deep underground. It may have been standing there for a long time, and it may be exposed to the elements. In many ways, well water may actually  be more pure than that which comes out of a faucet in the city, but it is still sensible to filter it before use.

What Filter Should I Use?

For standard domestic use, there are a number of different filtrations systems on the market. The most popular use simple charcoal filters to trap any bacteria that may be in the water, while another boils the water, turns it to steam and then allows it to cool, killing any viruses and bacteria in the process. Others use a series of ever-smaller filters to trap contaminants.

If you have a look at waterfilterbase.com, they are highly regarded suppliers of water filtration systems for domestic use, you’ll find very detailed explanations of the different types of water filters, but which is the right one for well water?

It is recommended that, for water that comes from a well, you use what is known as a ‘whole house’ filtration system. This does as it says, and filters the water so it is safe to use from any faucet in the house. Whole house filtration systems may use a number of different filters – some carbon, others specially designed to capture particles of 1 micron in dimension – and might also use a chlorination system too. These are very useful and efficient devices, and often feature a water holding tank for added convenience, which is generally fitted beneath the house.

It’s worth checking out the whole house system page at Water Filter Base, as they have reviews of some of the best and most popular models on the market, as well as information on which is best in certain circumstances.

Benefits of Well Water Filtration

Have you ever turned on your faucet and noticed that the water is discoloured? Or you might have taken a drink of your water and thought it tastes odd? These are common problems with well water – and also with other domestic water supplies – and are the very reason why water filters are necessary.

Water is easily contaminated by bacteria, potentially by viruses, and by other contaminants such as metals and pesticides that have found their way into the water supply. If you put this water through a filter before use, you will find that its is much clearer, tastes better, and will be healthier all-round. Have a look at well water filters now if you don’t already use one, and you’ll soon see the benefits.


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