Waterfront Villa Luandra Gard Manor with Amazing Interior Design

Waterfront villas are fabulous not only because of the interior design, architecture and beautiful landscape but also can offer you the relaxation you need. An example is the Luandra Gard Manor villa located on the Lake Mälaren, Sigtuna small town, situated between the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala. This impressive villa design can be an ideal place to spend your holidays because it is a place away from the noise and tumult of the city, which at certain times of the day suffocate you like.  Magnificent property with an area of ​​49,019 sqm grounds and impressive half-kilometers long shoreline on Lake Malaren has its on beauty. The main house construction covers an area of ​​281 square meters, which allows an overview of the lake which will surely impress.

Main house as can be seen in the images presented below has a nice hippes mansard roof, big windows allowing the natural light to come in the house, plastered facades. Luanda Grand Manor villa has also an entrance hallway, a nice living room, a wonderful veranda, spacious country kitchen with AGA stove and 4-5 bedrooms., and of course a large dining room.

The interior design is amazing. The palette of color used for the living room is light yellow alternated from light to one little dark color, decoration motifs, with leaf-shaped texturs, white colored and very large windows that give you the impression of a room wide open, spacious and very welcoming. The furniture for this house is a contemporary but classical nuances very well highlighted. The landscape is wonderful. Through these windows you can look and admire the wonderful landscape of these places. Also, a corner of this house is dedicated to a library where you can relax when you read a good book, enjoying yourself and relaxing.

It should be noted that in front of this villa there is a grate a guest house,  a garage, jetty,  and carport.. As we see this property is equipped with all facilities needed to increase comfort. Orchard trees, flowers and lake itself is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. Homes near lakes are downright wonderful, built with a special design, with simple and elegant style that does not come into compliance with nature. This house is not very high, so as not to draw attention to the house very much but to that magnificent landscape. Lunda Gard Manor villa is the perfect fence for all who appreciate the value of nature, and is the perfect for people who love animals like horses.
But the lake has it’s own attractions. Here you can go on a boat ride, can fish or swimming.

Primarily related advantages of comfort

A lake/waterfront house has a beautiful view, fresh air (only if the lake is cleaned frequently) and the ability to perform recreational activities close to home. Among other advantages of home near lakes, experts mention fresh air, knowing that consume aquatic vegetation CO2 and release oxygen. The hot days of summer has a humidified air is more cooler, and here dust is not a problem. Homes in the vicinity of a lake has a preferred location, which offers a great view and, moreover, they are ventilated areas have larger spaces

Luandra Gard Manor is an amazing example of  villa with a  fabulous views of Lake Malaren, where you can relax on the front of the deck while enjoying uninterrupted views.

Source: skeppsholmen


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